My #JetScreen Experience With Jet Airways

Being a blogger is a lot of fun. I recently took a trip from Delhi to Chennai and back because I wanted to review my experience with Jet Screen. What’s Jet Screen you ask? Well, that’s what I’m reviewing, so read on….

Using Jet Screen you can watch movies, listen to music and play games while you are in mid air. You will be connected to a Wi-fi network once you put your smartphone or tablet on Flight mode. I would recommend a tablet because it is certainly a better viewing experience.


Before the plane took off, I downloaded the app – Airtime player on my mobile and tablet. My flight was a long haul two and a half hours flight and I was really excited to experience Jet Screen for all this time.


The flight took off and I used my phone to connect to the plane’s WiFi. I tapped the Airtime player app, clicked on the access tab and went to the main menu where I could see all kinds of Movies, Music, TV shows, Games, etc.


The moment I saw the Movies tab I was very excited because I am a huge Bollywood/Hollywood fan and there were a lot of movies I wanted to watch in the theatre but couldn’t watch because I was travelling.


During my whole trip the WiFi was pretty flawless. There was slight buffering only two times but that didn’t affect my movie watching experience much as I ate my biryani and sipped my coke while that happened.

I didn’t really try anything in the Games section because I am not very fond of games but if you are a video games fan, I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy.


There were a lot of different types of songs on Jet Screen but I only listened for a while because I was more interested in TV shows. They had Come Dine With Me, Impractical Jokers, Friends, The Kapil Show, etc. I know I have odd choices but I was amused to see that they had a lot of my favourites. 30891473532_4ec6255e16_oMy overall experience with Jet Screen was great because my overall flight was 5 hours long and it didn’t feel like 5 hours at all. I wasn’t tired at all because I was thoroughly entertained and pampered.

When my journey ended Jet announced my name and a person came to escort me to my vehicle.  Thank you for your kind hospitality Jet, I recommend Jet Screen. Thumbs Up!



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