ILF Samanvay 2016

Language: The elaborate medium of expression, which bifurcates the human beings from the other species of life.

We, as social animals, are capable of meddling the intellect and the power of expression, into a tool of immense disposal: Language.

And Samanvay 2016 has devised the perfect platform to bring the power of speech to the avid listeners and open a whole new dimension of uninterrupted, unbiased and un-put-down-able freedom to express.

The 6th Edition of the Annual India Habitat Centre Languages Festival was themed on “Language as Public Action: No Tongues Barred”. The list of programmes spanned new horizons on the power of voice and speech. It also tapped the hot springs of the power of media as an integrated source as well as a carrier of voices to the masses.

The events ranged from panel discussions to reading sessions and also to musical expressions of speech.

The events also dived deep into the diversification as well as bifurcation of gender based power of speech.

One of such events was titled, “Speaking of Women – The Language of Control.”


It was a panel discussion honoured by women of a variety of fields: from film maker to lawmakers to journalists.


The discussion covered a wide range of issues from the role and effect of Patriarchy on Films. Subhra Gupta presented some interesting arguments, supported by Ritu Menon. Neha Dixit, a mainstream journalist discussed about the hardships of a lady on the field. Vrinda Grover covered the legal issues that women have to face in India.

Another interesting event titled, “It’s not about Competition – Bhasha ke Sansar aur Sanskar” consisted of a Panel Discussion by Francesca Orsini and Alok Rai.


Francesca discussed about the resurgence of linguistic fight, rather than reaching a consensus. While, Alok Rai presented demarcations of linguistic borders, and why they must be eradicated. Also, rejection of multilingual status in communal India was discussed in detail.


Another very interesting and awe inspiring event that adorned the evening was titled “Hum Khawateen: Women and the Urdu Wor(l)d.”


A very interesting concept in which, four ladies took the dais, each representing a lady of Urdu tongue who would have been in existence a hundred years ago, each reading excerpts from the articles in Urdu which were published over a century ago.

The ambiance was magical, as you would be transported a century into the past. The annotations added in the voices of the ladies expressed the atrocities and the social environment that they were subjected to in that era.

In all, the festival was efficiently able to justify the theme which they intended to project. We will surely be looking forward to the next edition of the same.



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