We all want to #BeRememberedForGood – Don’t you?

We go to work each day, we come back home, we eat, we sleep and the juggernaut continues.

Even if we get all fame, wealth, power that everyone hopes to have, will our lives be complete? Will all of it provide us with a sense of completion? Or will it happen if you affect can other people’s lives positively. The way in which each of our individual talents can contribute into making our community, country and the world a better place to live in.


Can we be remembered for good?

After all, all of us want to be remembered when we are gone. Not as someone who was ordinary, but as someone who used what they had to truly make a difference. We all want to leave behind an indelible mark in the world and leave it a little brighter than when we found it.

When we are little we are made to believe that we can achieve anything we want to but as we grow older we are made to choose and get slotted.

We are slotted to roles like an obedient son, faithful husband or a good wife, but those who rise above these adages and find a way to do good, are the ones remembered for good.

Alfred Nobel, invented the dynamite and by doing so infuriated a lot of people. A French newspaper actually tried to shame him by calling him “the merchant of death”. They printed “he made his fortune by finding a way to kill the most people as ever before in the shortest time possible.”

Alfred Nobel became horrified as he came to know about this. He could have ignored and done nothing about it and let him be remembered for just inventing the dynamite. Instead he changed his will and created the Alfred Nobel foundation and donated most of his fortune to the same.


We remember him for peace and awarding brilliance now.

So let us get up and change our lives little by little. Let us ask ourselves what do we want to be remembered for? Let us bring the change we want to see in others and touch someone’s lives to make it better so that we are remembered for good.

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