The Imagica Experience

If your idea of a fun day out includes rides, rollercoasters, the snow, a laser show and a fun parade then The Imagica Experience is just for you.

The Snomagica Experience


A world full of snow – that’s what this experience is. And you can also enjoy a warm drink and chill in the Igloo. And wait up long enough (22 minutes), because it does turn into a disco too. They provide you with jackets, gum boots and gloves but just make sure you are wearing socks of your own. Also, the ticket for this is a separate Rs.400 (not included in the Imagica ticket).

Deadly Rides


If you love your thrill, then you gotta do some of these rides at Imagica.

Nitro – a really, really huge roller coaster. In fact Asia’s largest roller coaster.

Dare to Drop – a vertical free fall.

Rajasauras – save yourself from some dinosaurs and get ready for a sudden dip too.

Deep Space – just about 15-20 seconds of a dark roller coaster. And it’s full of scary twists and turns all along.

Simulation Rides 


These are essentially simulators – you are seated and are made to feel by a 4D experience that you are actually moving, falling etc.

I for India – travel through India in a helicopter. This is a visual experience and the seats are adjusted to a certain height to give you the actual feel.

Mr India – relive the movie with this 4D experience while you get on a car and try to save the kids from the wrath of Mogambo.

Kiddie Rides


There’s a whole section on rides which are suited for kids – their own rollercoasters and stuff which are loads of fun and very little scary. They include Mambo Chai Chama – Crazy Tea Cups, Bump It Boats amongst many more.

The Grand Imagica Parade


Everyday at 5:30 pm a parade takes place inside of Imagica. You will have a few characters from their rides, strutting in all their glory and dancing to some music too.

Laser Show


During this festive season, Imagica puts up a really well done laser show across the lake and castle every evening at 7:30pm. All the lights are turned off and you can see a beautiful play of laser lights going on.

Imagica Water Park


This is their waterpark and has it’s own set of rides and fun. The entry charges to this are separate.



You will find various restaurants all through Imagica. The buffet option can turn out to be extremely cost effective. You will also find a lot of candy and cold drink options, all being sold at MRP inside Imagica.

All in all, The Imagica Experience is truly spectacular. It is an excellently done theme park and is a lot of fun for everyone.

Location – off Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Khopoli

Tickets – Rs.1500 + tax. Express line (fast moving lane for rides) cost about Rs.800 more but is totally worth it.



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