How India’s Favourite Snack is Made: An Inside Story – Kurkure & Lays


I recently visited the Pepsico factory in Kolkata last week and was amazed at what I saw. This plant produces two of India’s most favorite snacks, Lays and Kurkure. It is eye opening and fascinating to know what goes behind to make some of India’s best loved munchies.


Pepsico has a plant on the outskirts of Kolkata, Pepsico told us that this factory is one of their best performing plants from around the world ! Although surprised at first, but after looking at the pride and passion of the employees I did understand why.


Most of us have a veiled notion that the stuff we at that come out a packet is full of nasty whatnot, not a chance. Lay’s are made with a higher grade potato than most of us eat at home (Pepsi works with its farmers to ensure the quality). The carefully selected potatoes are then cleaned, cut, fried and seasoned using nearly 100% automation and with literally no chance of any contamination.


Kurkure is made of plastic right! – You could not have been further away from the truth. It consists of rice meal, corn meal, gram meal, edible oil and seasoning/ spices. These are blended together, formed into the typical kurkure shapes and then fried and seasoned. That’s it, nothing more added to it.


It takes a lot of planning, teamwork and operational excellence to churn out the quantities that Lay’s and Kurkure do everyday. Moreover, one tour of the plant and one realizes the amount of effort Pepsico puts into its sustainability efforts (more on that later though).


Also, Kurkure has now entered the Indian snacks market hook, line and sinker. They have introduced a range of namkeens including the old classics – bhujias, khatta meetha and some innovative new ones like karare peanuts. Believe me when I say it these snacks will fly off the rack; they sure did fly when we weare at the office!


I would like to say that go ahead pick your favourite Lay’s flaour or Kurkure blend and eat it without worrying about hygiene, pollutants or purity of content. The good folks at this plant take care of it.

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