Empowering The Modern Woman with Veda Earth

People have a lot of misconceptions about who an empowered woman is or what she does. It isn’t as complicated as one thinks. 

I know I am empowered because I take my own decisions in life and I know when something goes wrong I will be the one responsible for the consequences of my decisions. I am empowered enough to listen to what everyone has to say but in the end I know what is best for me. 
My life isn’t governed by other people’s rules. I am not saying that I am a rebel but I know what I like and I stick to it. 
I understand that my life and my body is my own and what I do with it will ultimately shape my life. So I respect my body and my soul and I workout and do yoga and do things that will make me happy and stress free. 
My life and my schedule is very hectic so there are times when I want to do things to unwind. VedaEarth, a Bangalore based company has a new range of premium skincare products for the modern woman. Now why I like this brand is because they get me. Divya Dinesh, the founder of this brand is a young female entrepreneur who understands celebrates the self-confident, empowered woman of today. The brand has launched the #SheisaVEWoman campaign recently which is a celebratory series on inspiring, modern women from various walks of life. 
Now I use aromatherapy all the time as a part of my hectic schedule, the brand also combines aromatherapy and vegan ayurveda for intelligent, empowered woman of today who juggles various roles and struggles to fit in an elaborate skin-care routine. 
I value my passions and this is one thing I strongly stand by. We live in a city and we all have a very stressful life. The smog, the stress and an irregular cycle takes a toll on what we look like. I hate it when my skin looks dead and dull which is why I find it is very important for my daily schedule to have something like VedaEarth’s skincare products that would make my life a lot easier. 

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