Halloween with Diageo at Tamasha, Connaught Place, Delhi

Halloween on the roll and Diageo brings in rock and roll with their Halloween themed cocktails. IMG_5413.JPG
Amazing blends make your evening just perfect, and their mixologist and Brand Ambassador Ajay Nayyar knows that really well. Starting with the basic simple drinks with some fruit juice and some secret ingredients it takes you on a roller coaster ride of drinks.IMG_5430.JPG

Spookiest drink prepared from egg white was the perfect to end the show. Spooky pumpkin prepared from egg white, Black and White Scotch, and some other flavours involved science and muscle. It took lot of efforts to mix the egg white and scotch and a small miss would not give that froth and mix air so well with egg white. The mouth feel of the drink was so creamy and full that the only words came out…mmmmm…feel.

Another hero of the show was The Vampire drink. The look says it all and the taste complements it well. The drink prepared from Tabasco sauce, Scotch and passion fruit syrup had a pull and push effect. The passion fruit fragrance pulled towards the drink and spices from sauce pushed back. It tasted best with fish fingers.

The best comes out when best goes in. Fine Scotch, fresh juice and the skill of mixologist that makes your evening a perfect one with the perfect blend.

Happy eating and some drinking too… 🙂

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