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Over many years, India has been growing to the taste of the authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisines; and what best can define basic Chinese food better than Dim Sums. Many restaurants have tried to master the art of true Dim Sum making and have failed miserably or landed up fooling customers by passing the Tibetan Momos as dim sums. While others have failed to get the taste of this beautiful, simple yet complicated dish right, one restaurant at the heart of Delhi will make you want more with every bite.

Located at the Ambiance Mall Vasant Kung, Yauatcha the Chinese Chatter Tea House makes one of dimthe best Dim Sums in town. Well not only do they taste phenomenal they also look “FAB”, and nothing can make you more excited than a beautiful looking piece of art on your plate when your mouth starts to water by the mere aroma of the food you are about to gulp.

Yauatcha has to offer an elaborate menu to choose from and something for everyone, however to make the selection easy they also have a curated menu just for you called the “Anniversary Menu” this menu offers few of the best dishes served by the restaurant carefully hand-picked to give you a complete Yauatcha Experience.

The menu covers the best of each category however my personal favorites and a must try are the Fried Turnip Cake with Vegetables (Veg.), Spicy Hargau and the BEST “Lamb Roll with Black Pepper”, even while remembering the taste of the Lamb Roll my mouth waters, the tenderness and the perfection in the Black Pepper Sauce was simply mesmerizing.

Main course predefined combinations of Spicy Mahlak Chicken and Egg Fried Rice, and the Steamed Riversole (soft as cotton) served with the Black Bean Sauce accompanied with the Stir Fry Vegetarian Ho Fan Noodles will just blow our mind (please do not try to interchange or mix and match).

Last but not the least the desert served was a statement of elegance. The Lemon Sorbet & Choco Cremeux was simply out of this world.


The food and the place has character, class and elegance which not only reflects in the ambiance but also in every single dish the place has to offer. I would rate the place highly and recommend a must visit to all the readers, cause if you have not been here, you have not been anywhere.

Review Courtesy – Abhishek Mukherji


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