This fabulous venue is located on the top floor of the Great India Place, Noida, and that like most of  the malls, the top floor is generally equipped with either food courts or cineplex, similarly this venue is a part of the enormous Food court in this huge mall.

As and when I stepped inside The Great India Place, it was almost impossible on first sight to figure out the venue’s location, apparently it is located right when one step foot on to the top floor and that there are several lanes so one has to  be careful while navigating to the venue. Finally when we reached, it was a warm welcome but I was pretty was blown away by the interiors, not to gaudy or loud just subtle feeling with a sublimity in ambiance.

The place is incontrovertibly spacious and also right when one enters, the live bar is on the left side of the entrance and then the huge sitting accommodation with positive and energetic vibes all around the venue. And then It’s Fridays so it tends to be happening and very much soulful in either be music  or aura that the venue pertains.

We took comfortable seats and were ready to place an order and perhaps it was a good fate that they did came up with some very innovative and delectable looking dishes in their menu that were absolutely vegetarian. So we without any delay started with some freshers to beat the heat and no wonder it was made to impress us on the first note itself.


We began to quench our self  with Virgin Mojito (Classic) and triple berry and I  can literally vouch for both of them specifically about the Mojito, it was so big and so refreshing. Eventually we ordered with their expectations the signature dishes, i.e. Fried Mozzarella Sticks and Toasted French Onion Bites (Must have), I would strongly recommend the onion bites, like the best starters ever. The initial order itself was so kick start that our expectations rose to a different level.


Then we jumped to  the mains part where ordered, the signature drinks which were the ultra thick (Cant even sip up with the straw) Double chocolate and blueberry shake along with Red Sauce pasta and veg exotic pizza and a little Tex Mex was also tasted with Chimichanga platter, that had a lot to serve and offer us and undeniably amazing to every extent.


Finally it was time for the dessert section which is always my favorite and to my imagination and expectation something came that surpassed all my expectations and happiness, the best and flavorful desserts I have ever had was here in this year.

Starting with the Mocha Mud Pie (Signature Dessert), frozen triple layer of different chocolate topped with sauce and nuts, secondly came the classic chocolate malt cake with gooey melting chocolate all over that was so divine and finally the sizzling whiskey cake that was the toffee cake topped with butterscotch whiskey sauce and surrounded with custard. It was sinful to even look at them and I committed a lot  of sins all together that day.

Loved it.

Review Credit : SAGAR

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