Problem: Dressing for Diwali, Solution:

All those advertisements on TV about Diwali makes people want to shop and be all dressed up and celebrate. When I was younger we used to be excited about buying new clothes and loads of crackers but now that I’ve vouched for a smoke free Diwali, clothes are all I have.
I you know me at all you know that I usually never wear Kurtas or Salwar Kameez because unlike jeans you can never get a kurta that fits like a sleeve.
I am not rigid though, if there is something new in the market to try, I would. I am a huge fan of online shopping because by cutting out the middleman you get great prices and discounts. So, coming to the point, I came across
What immediately caught my eye was how amazing the prices on this website are. review .png
This lovely kurta is priced at only Rs. 700. That’s got to be unreal. I got a similar kurta from a popular brand last year for around Rs. 2500.
The best part is that the material uses. Its mostly cotton so it’s extremely comfortable and perfect for winters and summers. This company has a lot of competition in the market but its prices certainly make it stand out.
But the prices are not the only thing you should be excited about, they have some really cool colours and designs. If you want to pick a brand for kurta for women, pick Rangrati. It is beautiful, their designs are elegant and their fit is perfect. rv.png
Diwali is a special time for an Indian woman. We are always dressed in jeans, tops and skirts. We seldom find an occasion to wear something that reminds us of our roots, something that makes us look more feminine than any pair of jeans ever could. The collection of kurtas, palazzos, etc. on Rangrati works perfectly for me because I know that these aren’t the kind of clothes I will wear once and never wear again. They are light, comfortable and elegant and I will wear them even after Diwali.
Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.23.18 PM.png
What I love the most about this Chanderi Kurta for example is you can wear it on a special occasion and to work. I know I picked this because it adds glamour to my regular office wear and it would go pretty well with the shoes and jewellery I have for the Diwali mela I’m attending this week.
Rangriti has a range of bright & happy women’s Indian wear. It’s clothes are a unique fusion of Rang-color and Riti – fashion, this website brings out a line that is a fine blend of feminine cuts and beautiful shades in sync with the latest fashion trends.
The best part as I mentioned earlier is that it provides high-end fashion at very attractive prices making it a perfect answer to every woman’s wish of making every day exceptional. I know that if I ever need to shop for kurtas, anarkalis, churidars, dupattas, leggings or kurtis in pleasing prints, colours and patterns, this is where I would first go to.


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