Its Diwali – Light UP


Pass the streets of L.J Road, Matunga-Mahim, and you will know its festivity time..

The pavements of L.J road becomes a market for Lanterns in Diwali.

I specially visit the street in the night, after 11 pm, when the traffic subsides, and the horn noises goes down, that is the time when you can truly enjoy the tranquil celebration of the lane. The vendors light up the lane with interesting lanterns as you can find lanterns of shapes like squares, circulars, lotus, diamond and star. The colors look so fascinating and mesmerizing that you feel like buying it all. My personal favorite remains the colorful traditional kandeels. The new patterns which I bought this year is, the colorful flower shaped lantern. The way the lights shine out of the flower is just enthralling. These lanterns interestingly are not only made of paper, but of plastic, cane and even wood. Special designs of Doremon, fishes and cartoons will get children thrilled.

Along with lanterns, you can also get your hands on intricately designed diyas, rangoli designs, lights in bottles and lovely fairy lights.

You can see vendors, including children, sitting near their shops and hand making each lanterns. Speaking to couple of vendors, I came to know they have been selling lanterns on this lane since more than 10 years. And, I even didn’t know about the existence of this fairyland till two years back.

So visit this lane, buy amazing diyas, fairly lights and Lanterns to turn your home into a dream land.

Have a colorful and dazzling Diwali.

Happy Diwali !!!!!!



Review Credit:  Parinita Adukia

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