Had your breakfast?

Chatter House, Khan Market recently started with breakfast menu on weekends. It is in nascent phase and they are serving only on weekends. Operation timings on breakfast days are 8am to 11pm and on rest of the days 12 pm to 11 pm. They are planning to go functional for breakfast from November next month.


So what is in the menu?


Some desi and some videshi, they have it all. Range of Parathas for the Desi soul like me and range of Poached eggs, Scrambled eggs, omelette and sabdwiches too. Also, serve with range of drinks like smoothies, fresh juices, coffee and tea of choice


I was skeptical about the poached eggs at first, as it is an art to make one. Nevertheless, they proved me wrong. Perfectly poached, as soon as I landed my knife on to it, yolk oozed out and that was beauty. The dish was very beautifully presented with bread buns topped with Chicken Salami and Poached eggs, Green Salad, Potato cutlet and smoked Tomato.


With focus on being an Italian restaurant, they have done justice with the Indian parathas. Parathas very well stuffed with the filling, nicely spiced, very well presented with butter, pickle, and spiced curd. Curd was well churned, smooth with no lumps and water. It was having natural sweetness and there was no added sugar or other sweetening agent.


I wish I had a hump like camel, and would have tried to taste almost everything on the menu. However, had to satisfy myself only with the clicks for those left untasted due to limited tum size.


A good attempt at serving breakfast, however it seems to be biased effort towards non-Vegetarians. Very few options for pure vegetarians, some more effort to be directed towards this side. The efforts so far have been good and appreciated.


Happy Eating… 🙂


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