Smoke House Deli opens in Connaught Place

smoke-house-deli-connaught-place-04Smoke House Deli, one of New Delhi’s best and long standing restaurant, has opened in CP and we are pleased. Located in the Odeon Complex, this quaint restaurant showcases Connaught Place like no other restaurant in the city. The walls adorn CP’s history, with more than a wink to its glorious past.


The new Smoke House Deli is nestled into one of India’s biggest tourist destinations, and its décor reflects that. A walk down the memory lane, institutions of Connaught Place find home in the illustrated museum.


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The Deli at CP will open early and the kitchen and bakery produce luscious breakfast offerings of Pancakes, Omelettes and Basted Egg “Biscuit N Gravy”.  And at noon, the signature dishes march out to play with Pastas including My Boss’s Style “Spaghetti’” and Spinach + Ricotta Ravioli; and Mains like the Wild Mushroom + Artichoke Crepe Gratin, Cambodian Basa + Smoked “Pimento” Puree, Lightly Smoked Lamb Shanks and ½ Roast Chicken.



At the launch Smokehouse did a recreation of its best dishes of the past 7 years and as the teeming set of people revealed, it was more than a hit.


The phenomenal smoked lamb burger seemed to be everyone’s favorite, as almost everyone had ordered it. The perfect lamb patty – juicy and tender- comes with a horseradish mayo that does take it to the next level. Along with the onion rings that adorn it, you really want to eat this over and over again.


The peri peri chicken was a foodie’s delight as the spicy, sticky, citrusy pimiento sauce brought alive the perfectly cooked chicken breast.


To ensure the health conscious aren’t left sipping water, the newly launch health menu keep things adventurous with options like Kefir Soaked Chicken with Organic Red Rice & Brown Rice Flakes Salad and Jowar Fettuccine with Tomato Braised Vegetables. For the ones with a sweet tooth, SHD Health Menu has delicious options like the Cacao Nib and Soya Milk Cheesecake with Nachini Crust and Almond Milk and Spirulina Pannacotta.



The dessert platter, however,  stole the show from all the superstar dishes. The trio – comprising of a flourless chocolate cake, a hazelnut mousse and a blueberry cheesecake were lip-smacking.


Smoke House Deli, CP is open – enjoy magnificent food in the most regal of surroundings.




Smoke House Deli,

23, Ground Floor, Odeon Building, Radial Road 5, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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