I am the new Crush(t) in town

IMG_5021.JPGPizza hut unveils three new variants of Crusts this weekend Veg Kebab, Masala Chicken Sausage and Cheese Max. Crust is infused with sauces, herbs and lot of flavours. The circumference is lined with Pure Mozzarella Cheese or Veg Kebab or Chicken Sausage. All three are different and are heroes in their own arena.

Regular pan pizza becomes tasteful and chewy at the last bite and the sides are usually not so flavored. These stuffed crusts with the sides lined with kebab, Sausage and Cheese make it more to enjoyable at the end.

IMG_5014.JPGAny existing pizza can be upgraded to the stuffed crust Cheese Max. However, there are few restrictions for Veg Kebab and Masala Chciken Sausage. Veggie Surprise and Paneer Delight are the only options available with the stuffed crust Veg Kebab. Chicken Hot and Spicy and Tikka Treat are the options that can also be opted with the Crust Masala Chicken Sausage.


Stuffed crusts are available in both Medium and Personal size pizza. The availability in both forms is a definite advantage. These Stuffed crusts are new experiment and seems like a successful one as well. No competitive pizza chain is as of now is offering anything close as by Pizza Hut.

The flavours in the pizza are very carefully balanced and are very natural. A very good experiment and a delicious offering by pizza hut. This also serves the solution to “do not like sides” problem of pizza. Good Effort, keep going.

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