Asian Hawker’s Market, not be missed this weekend

Delhi and food brings to mind chole bhature, aloo tikki chaat, matar kulche, butter chicken. Getting bored with the same names and flavours? Check in at Asian Hawker’s Market, Select City walk.IMG_4902.JPG

Enjoy Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Burmese and lot more cuisines at the place. What you will not find in this Asia is India. Do not take your, who will complain that though it is Asian and why, no Parathas from India… :). If still this is the case, some of the eateries have it in their all-special version. The place has something for all.


One can enjoy a meal at Neung Roi, Wai Wai, Bonhomia, Le Meridian, The Fatty Bao, Wow Momos, Wok Me, Guppy, Bercos, Pa Pa Ya, Bombakery and, and, and…as always explore yourself the rest… 🙂IMG_4906.JPG

There are more than 30 vendors at the place, putting in their best efforts to satisfy your taste bud. Moreover, it is not just about food, lot of music, masti, games, contests and Food juggling on the show. There are bakeries, Chai Shops, Coffee, Juices, Burgers, Noodles, Dumpling and lot of tongue twister dishes. Do not sit this weekend in your couch, and do hit the place. Make the most of it with receding summers when you can enjoy in the open and gulp it all.IMG_4925.JPG

IMG_4907.JPGHai Kahan?  The Plaza, Select CityWalk, New Delhi. Nearest Metro station is Malviya Nagar.


Entry is free and it is on from noon until 11 in the night. Therefore, nothing to lose, make a move and make the most.IMG_4964.JPGIMG_4967.JPG

Happy Eating… 🙂



Credit: Nipun B.
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