Restaurant Review: Does The New Menu At Jamie’s Italian Taste As Good As It Looks?

jamies-italian-oliver-jamieIt was a Friday night, and I was in an overwhelming rush. I had to be at a place where I had wanted to go for a while. Am I dressed right for the place? I just didn’t know what to expect what is it going to be like.

So when I reached Jamie’s restaurant in Vasant Kunj that night, I was instantly surprised by the entrance. Imagining it to be an up street place I was surprised by its wide open entrance. Ya, the entrance to the restaurant didn’t have a door, can you imagine that? I guess it says a lot about the welcoming spirit of the place.

It was a very casual seating, wooden chairs, nothing fancy about them; it felt like I was eating an everyday meal at my regular joint next to my house or a favorite joint one would slip to every now and then in college. Sometimes it is nice just to grab a drink and not worry about how you are to behave socially.  That was the beauty of it all. Jamie’s instantly feels like a good place to just unwind and feel relaxed almost immediately.


Adding to the cozy touch was the visible pizza oven across one of the counters and all these packaged bottles and jars of homemade sauces and olives and pasta among many others. The same is used to make to make all the food at Jamie’s. One can even buy them right from the restaurant.

For the curious and excited, the cooking area is spread as such so from where you are sitting, you can run your eyes through everything being prepared for you.

While their pleasant staff bends their knees all the way to the ground to talk to you, their homemade tomato sauce with any bread will reinstate your faith in a great tomato ketchup. It is thick, full of flavor and wonderfully unadulterated. As I sip on this amazing berry blast which is as sweet as berries are supposed to be I am just as refreshed. It has been such a long time since I have had such an indulgent, wholesome berry drink.

For someone who loves mushrooms, when the waiter mentioned that he has an unusual mushroom dish for me, it instantly made me want to jump. It hit the chord, the Mushroom fritti! I haven’t had mushroom this tasty in a very long time. The Oyster mushrooms were coated in herby breadcrumbs, served with a lovely blend of garlic mayo.

The staff who is well trained as well as well learned are enthusiastic about the food and well-versed with the story and the ingredients of everything served.

On the other hand, the Flash Fried prawns were extremely well prepared and delicious. The flat leaf parsley and grilled ciabatta just made the food so much better. Nothing compliments prawns like lemon garlic and white wine.

Meanwhile, for the need of a nice chilled drink with my meal, I got me a Ginger Ale.  A strong drink just like other beverages I had tonight with a moreish flavor.

Creating something unique and mouth watering, Jamie also does a special pizza for the day on a daily basis. Today’s special was a home made pizza. Stuffed with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Wilted spinach, roasted wild mushroom, balsamic glazed onion, chilli and fried garlic. Not a pizza lover, mostly because of consuming too many pizzas with a thick crust/ loaf in recent times, I really liked Jamies’ version.

It was the right amount of tangy and the crust was just about right. The pizza was so delicious that we had reached the main course and I hadn’t even realized it. It was style made by themselves and the rich ingredients of their kitchen backed the pizza amazingly well.

At this point, I should have stopped after stuffing my face with such incredible food. But pasta craving person in me wouldn’t have it. We were in a renowned Italian chef restaurant and not eating pasta here would be like not crossing the road when the green light is on for you.

The Penne Arrabiata at Jamie’s was very rich in its taste; the sauce was amazingly well prepared, and the homemade pasta tasted just rightly cooked. Riverside grilled fish makes the perfect accompaniment to the pasta.  Presented in a very raw manner like it came straight out of kitchen garden and the aromatic fish was topped with spinach leaves.

The spices, the oil all were used to the minimal requirements. The fish just melts in your mouth, and it was so light in the stomach that it felt that i had just begun eating.


Served in a never seen before plank, the Ultimate dessert plank at Jamie’s is all you need after a good hearty dessert. They literally serve you the dessert in a plank with an array of the desserts they do. Yes! It is a dream come true for dessert lovers like me. In one sitting I had Tiramisu, warm, fudgy brownie, plum and almond tart, gooey meringue served with chantilly cream.  And wait we are not done yet, there was also mouth watering baked Cheesecake.

So friends, if you are looking for a place where you get the most amazingly gorgeous wholesome food and where you can be your casual food loving self then just drop by at this restaurant. I’m sure you will leave here with a stuffed tummy and lots of good experiences.

P.S: The restaurant also has a counter to buy all the toppings mentioned above, sauces, olives and handmade kitchen accessories among many others


Jamie’s Italian 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall,  Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Average Cost: 1500 for two (approx.), Without Alcohol

Phone: 011-40870032



Review Credit: Shishir Chhetri
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