Live rajasthan @Westin Gurgaon


Rajasthan comes live at Seasonal Tastes, Westin, Gurgaon. Rajasthani Food festival, Spice Trail of Rajasthan is on roll from 12th to 23rd October 2016. 



4Cs that word Rajasthan brings to mind our Courtesy, Camel, Colours and Chillies. Westin has put in great efforts to capture the essence of the countryside, pack it, and delight the customers with a fine dine experience. “Padharo mhare desh” being played in the background, staff dressed in traditional rajasthani attire, handicrafts all around create a beautiful scene.



With spices and ingredients on display, one is not just restricted to savor in meals, but also have a close look at them in raw form. Festival is a visual and a gastronomical treat.


Each dish is prepared with utmost care and touches perfection. Flavours are very well blended and so well handled that they cater to almost all palates. It is not possible to taste all that is there, primarily of two reasons. Firstly, there is lot of variety, tasting only half of them, makes one full. Secondly, each preparation is so tasteful that it is difficult to restrict only at one serving.


Chef Ram Singh Rathor is the man behind this culinary treat. He is humble, shy, courteous and very generous person to interact. He has been making the world a tasty place to live from close to three decades now. Hails from the city of Jaipur and has cooked for the Royal Kitchens. Ram Singh does not believe in over loading of spices, as is the common perception for rajasthani food. He has a simple reason, “if I myself don’t like so much spicy food, same are my customers, they are like me, they also won’t like it”. The roots for balanced flavours in each dish, be it laal maas or a gujiya can be traced.




One value that each preparation has is a perfect blend of flavours. Each flavour, gave its unique knock at the tongue without creating noise or disturbance for others. Each minute feature perfected to finest detail. There were some interesting preparation such as two different kind of garlic chutneys, Chef explained us the difference and methodology and both were tasty and but the tastes world apart. Meat preparations are amazingly tender and taste infused thoroughly all over.


Do not miss to relish on Dal Baati Churma, Laal Maas, Jungli Maas, Khada Murg Masala, Aag ki Boti, Paneer Methi, Pithod kki Sabzi, Gatta Curry, Dal Dhoongari, Mutton Biryani, Gujiya, Ghevar, Laddoos and , and, and.. Complete rest of the list yourself… 🙂


Happy Eating… 🙂

Credit: Nipun
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