We commenced this food experience in here from these tantalizing mocktails which had different base either the mojito or the watermelon signature drink, every sip was so fulfilling and sated our thirst.



For appetizers we had;

  1. Hawkers Style potato (signature dish, must try)
  2. dragon roll
  3. kernel corn
  4. Greens with a TWIST
  5. tofu crunch
  6. orchid mushrooms

For mains we went for;


  1. burnt garlic rice
  2. Singapore noodles
  3. Silken Route
  4. Eggplant Stack
  5. Veg. Shanghai pan fried dim sums
  6. crystal dumplings
  7. spicy asparagus dumplings
  8. veg and chive dim sums

After having all this me and my friends finally stepped up for the last and the favorite part of a meal for me atleast, the dessert section, rather than tasting 3 desserts I was stuck on Choco war, which truly deserves the title as I would start war with anyone if I have to  share this dessert. Chilled, with chocolate and caramel base and layered with multi tasting palate, it  was mind boggling.


After having an indelible moments of delectable moments and dishes, it was time for a subtle rendezvous with the ambiance and the concept of TWIST.

The name pretty much suggests that the whole concept must be something erratic or unusual but the fact is that the restaurant serves Chinese food but that’s the catch, the twist is all about food, the chef actually innovated the dishes and had also come up with different concept on Chinese food and its relevancy towards the subtlety of its cultural food. Pan Asian all of sudden becomes a bit desi connect in here and incontrovertible to state that the result is outstandingly extraordinary.

There are 3 major highlights to  this  venue:

a. three way sitting, as there is an outdoor sitting which very spacious and comfortable as well, then there is live bar and couch comfort access sitting, which is  right juxtapose to couch and bar, a very fascinating accommodation it is and lastly the fine dine area where there is very beautiful wall figurines and also the roof has Chinese caricatures imbibed for artistic approach, also there is a separate round table sitting meant for an entire family at once and is really very and truly impressive.

b. Secondly it is located at the ground floor and very nearby to the entrance o the cyber hub itself, easy approach does bring an ergonomic factor of human patience, and that it also is beautifully highlighted as a big bottle of alcohol is placed right in front of the venue.

c. lastly, while entering I was stupefied while noticing an exclusive and world class collection of some really exotic and exquisite wine which are available only in European nations or in this venue. A whole room is meant for this purpose right in the middle of the venue making it very appealing for the restaurant and fascinating for the patrons.

The owner is unequivocally a man of words and dedication as this place brings that zest of party and class together at once in here while dinning and partying. Much appreciated was the quick services and class apart food and more than that was the owners hospitality and conduct of  the staff. Remarkable.

Loved it.



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