Restaurant Review: Locale, Saket, New Delhi

Locale means a place where something happens. The place well justifies the name. Dining in a beautiful casual ambiance with delicious food is a good place to hangout. It’s a duplex restaurant on second and third floor connected internally as well as externally with both elevator and stairs.
Trendy wall art, rustic ceiling, alcoholic quote frames and modern life lessons all around make the place lively, comfortable and relaxing. The place has a soothing lighting, which makes it even more charming. Top floor is an open zone and an option for smokers. Being an open zone, makes the place bit warmer and not very comfortable for summers, however a definite hit in winters.

Ongoing navratras kept me bound only to veg options. Still the non-veg options made all efforts otherwise.The aroma was good enough for weak willed person to forget about navratras and savor. They have good variety to choose from starters, and the main course options comparatively lack behind. If you are out for a beer with a friend, the main course will not matter you much… 🙂

Overall, there is a good variety to choose from Starters, Salads, Soups, Deli, Pasta, Mock tails, Meals, Main Course and Platters. The Meal section comes in very handy when not able to decide from the main course, and each one with you is having a different voice.

The staff is examples of national integration, there are people from different regions of the country and will pronounce the same dish in different accent, which make it very lovable and cute. They are very humble and simple people and will put in all efforts to enjoy your meal.
Why to visit? Nice location, good ambience, moderately priced and tasty food makes it an ideal place to chill with friends and loved ones.
Why not to visit? If you are on look out for some exclusive, high-end formal place serving some exotic taste or and not so common preparation.
Location: PVR Saket, Anupam Complex, New Delhi
Happy Eating 🙂



Credit: Nipun
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