6 Things You Didn’t Know About Skill India Campaign – #ISupportSkillIndia

Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi’s vision for the “Skill India Campaign” and the “National Skill Development Mission”, launched in the national capital is a step towards the dream of building a poverty free India.

Here are 6 things you didn’t know about the Skill India Campaign: 

1) Poverty Free India

Modiji wants to take each and every one of the poor and underprivileged youth of the nation towards a prosperous, poverty free India.

2) Employment Skills To Less Fortunate

Skill India is an initiative in this direction, as it will help to provide skills to the less fortunate so that they can also have a chance to secure their future and earn a respectable livelihood.


3) Centrally Monitored Skill Program

This National Mission will ultimately become a mechanism by virtue of which skilling programs will be brought together on one platform so they can be formulated and monitored centrally. The aim is to achieve all the aims of the National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015. The ambitious program also intends to provide a framework for all stakeholders in this ecosystem to thrive. Skill India is definitely not a new concept, however a bigger scale and renewed energy makes it a flagship program for the nation.


4) Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) All Over The Country

Over the next decade, India will have excess manpower of upto 5 crores and in order to provide them with the right skills it is imperative that this initiative is successful. Moreover, as rapid technological and economic advances are made around the world, the new workforce needs to be ready to take up any challenge. PM Modi’s vision is to have ITI’s (Industrial Training Institutes) producing world-class talent akin to what the IIT’s have done.


5) Large-scale Corporate Involvement in the Program

The above vision is shared by many corporates as they collaborate and become a part of this journey. If Skill India manages to be successful then many young people who drop out early and face a bleak future will be trained in trades like hospitality, beauty and security. The energy of the program is such that Ministries/State functionaries from all over the country have come together to ensure its success.


13668879_861413640631436_7277559805366565333_oPM Modi also believes that our talent, once trained properly, can become an asset in the global workforce. This can only be achieved if our curriculum is constantly revised and kept abreast with the latest technology.


6) Skill Loans from Rs 5,000-1,50,000

One important concrete feature of this program is that a ‘Skill Loan’ initiative has also been launched, wherein loans from Rs 5,000-1,50,000 will be available to more than 34 lakh youth of India, ones wanting to attend the Skill Development Programmes in the next five years. This important cog renders the financial constraint; most young people are under, redundant.


As India has one of the world’s youngest demographic, it is critical and time sensitive to understand our potential and then execute in a way that we reach it in the future. Even the UN, recognized the importance of teaching viable skills to the young, had declared July 15 as World Youth Skills Day. This made headlines and being approved by all regional groups, too seeks to encourage youths from around the world to commit to skill training and development thereby leading them to a better livelihood and prosperity of humanity in general.


Skill India has already managed to break new ground and though we may not be aware, many of the products made around us would have been made by artisans/people trained under the Skill India program. The Government is doing its bit and now it is unto us to understand the scale of this program and manipulate it to our advantage.



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