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People today are interested in travelling, exploring the unknown and targeting new territories. After every few months travel enthusiasts brainstorm about interesting places to visit.


Kasol should be your next stop if you haven’t already been there. It is a quaint and picturesque village in Kullu. It is known for the beautiful river Parvati in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The river flows into the Beas River at Bhuntar and it is 10 km south of Kullu. Kasol is the perfect place to vegetate. This little village is approximately 40 km away from the Bhuntar Airport. Although, it is best if you pick a group of friends and drive to Kasol stopping at various popular dhabas along the way.


Pick a place like “Trip to Kasol” to live in. Tucked away amidst nature this places is serene, calm and breathtaking. This is an island of plain land and the forest river is surreal. You will find other local Himachali houses and a Homestay in this area. If you are someone who digs luxury vacations and fine dining then you’ll probably have to pick another vacay spot but if you like photography, get on your feet and explore the little villages Kasol has and get mind-blowing portraits of friendly villagers. Or, if you like homemade food, just ask and these villagers will surprise you with their hospitality and amazingly fresh produce. Don’t forget to share a gift or a tip as a thank you.


“Trip to Kasol” came highly recommended. This place is very well connected by local and public transport. We got to Bhuntar and took a private taxi to get to the entry gate of this property. You can also take a Himachal Tourism bus to get to this place. We met a large number of backpackers like us and made plans to explore the scenic valley and untouched hills together. What I love the most about this area is that it isn’t densely populated and has amazing weather throughout the year.


This is a wildlife photography haven as the Kanwar Wildlife Sanctuary is just 42 Kms from Kullu and very close to Suma Ropa. It is located in the Parvati Valley in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. People who prefer pilgrimages also stop around this area as there are religious sites and numerous water bodies for offering prayers.


You can reach the sanctuary from Kullu via Kasol to Manikaran and then you can walk to the spot. I would recommend Summertime for visiting the sanctuary because various animals come out to enjoy the weather and drink water out of the pretty lakes and springs.


While at “Trip to Kasol”, our fellow travellers told us about interesting Psychedelic Trance parties in the area. We happened to attend one and I have to admit it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.


Like star trailing? The sky is lit up with a million twinkling stars at night. Trip to Kasol is a fabulous place for stargazing.


The best part is that this place has a backyard that faces the peaks and Rashol village and Great Parvati valley peaks. There are several trekking option around Kasol, but the most tempting one is theRashol villageRashol village. You will run into several pilgrims, sikhs and saints of the way and they would encourage you to carry on with this flower laden trek. This trek goes through a place called Chalal and it keeps getting more and more steep.


If treks don’t interest you then another option is to go fishing. It is very close to this homestay. You can either choose to go fishing yourself with locals or pick Himachal Tourism’s organised fishing trips at its Adventure Resorts in Raisan. Parvati River is famous for all kinds of fish especially trout. Don’t leave the area without tasting apples from its apple orchards. Walk upto locals and visit himachali houses to get a full experience of village life.


Hate staying in just one place? Have you heard of Manikaran? It is a holy place for Sikhs, it has hot water springs that are supposed to have healing powers. And, if you are a trekker then you would be amazed at the numerous mini hikes Kasol has in store for you. You can be a casual walkers or a professional trekkers but don’t forget to seek help from locals to guide you to experience the best treks. Don’t forget to ask the people at “Trip to Kasol” to guide you and you will thank me.


We were told by the owners of “Trip to Kasol” not to leave without trying the Israeli food. Kasol has a lot of Israeli influence. All kinds of Israeli food is available in Kasol. So, if food is what keeps you going then pick a falafel, hummus, shakshouka, couscous, or even za’atar at Stone Garden Café, Evergreen, Shambu Momo Corner or Moon Dance Café and German Bakery. Kasol is the mini Israel of India, don’t miss the food.


I loved my time at “Trip to Kasol”, I made friends with strangers, I tried my hands at archery and air gunning. I got to try places like Cottage Cafe and Jim Morrison Café in Kasol. These are the perfect places to do something you never thought you would do.


The best time to visit is March to June and September to October. If you like extremely cold and snow, mid December and January is the time to Visit Kasol.


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