Book Review: Suhani by Turia

The short novel,  SUHANI, novella if you wish to call, by Turia, a Mumbai based writer and publicist is extremely thought provoking ,bordering on spirituality.Through Suhani a traumatised girl,  a victim of domestic violence, the book takes us to Benares the holy city and, a land of salvation. Through, Kabir she finds redemption and bliss.


Suhani is an artist and has painted beautiful paintings abstract in nature. Her innermost feelings of hurt and pain find expression through her paintings.Suhani gets an opportunity to go  to China to pursue art and there she learns that paintings are not merely a medium for her catharsis but something more. But first she must let go of her past.
The book goes on to the power of silence, nothingness. It opens up a new vista to create a work of art .Understanding  the philosophy of Zen , Suhani takes her art to a higher level . Meeting and union with Kabir has been dealt with artistically.
The book , though a short one , is able to pack a world of emotions and reflections on spirituality with the backdrop of the ancient city of Benares. The descriptions of the ancient city leave you with deep  admiration for  the city.
In the modern  stressful days , with people finding less and less time to read, this book will be a good read.Recommended read for all ages.
Turia deserves plaudits for her new style of writing in such a beautiful prose. The only wish remains that she should have developed the short book into a more fleshy one, elaborating on the interplay on the life of Suhani and that of Kabir.
The reader is left asking for more . Probably, we will have more books from her with more detailed lay-out.
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