Book Review: Agniputr by Vadhan (Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan)


The book AGNIPUTR  WHEN AGNI FIRST SPOKE by Vadhan (Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan), an emerging writer par excellance, evokes immediate admiration not only for the beautifully written and executed work of fiction but for the totally arresting and fast -paced development of the plot. The author leaves you spell-bound with its wonderful style and an unbelievablly high standard of prose. It is all the more remarkable that an Indian writer could write in such a novel which can be favourably compared to contemporary writers of English novels.

The novel consists of four FRAGMENTS. The first FRAGMENT A delineates about SUTRAM an  omnipotent, destructive and ruthless force now trapped underneath a castle  in Gudem of which the owner  Surya is totally ignorant about .

The subsequent FRAGMENTS dwell upon such concepts as Quantum Mechanics, Quasars and anti quasars   and how they lead to CREATION of Universe. The manner in which the writer deals with science through a scientist SHEILA leaves you with no doubt about how the Universe got created before getting almost destroyed.

The triumph of AGNIPUTR over SUTRAM woven around characters  like Kiromal, Govind , P. ESHWAR  has been done so naturally that it leaves you with a feeling that everything in fact actually happened just the way Shiela believed at the end .Sometimes some portions appear a bit disjointed but the climax has been well achieved making the book unputdownable.

I would rate the book very high for the excellent story-telling combining Vedic concepts, Tantra and modern science.India is a land of such events and abstruse science which the scientists are  now gradually exploring.The author should delve into the fascinating things of past and present in our land and come out with more such works looking at them through the prism of modern discoveries in science. Kudos to VADHAN ! and to BLOOMSBURY for publishing such a captivating thriller!

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