ATOUT FRANCE with Bonne Maman & Le15 – Pooja Dhingra & Chef Pablo

If I were to describe my experience at ATOUT FRANCE, it would be an evening of sheer indulgence! There’s something about French dessert that makes it extremely difficult to resist. And that added dollop of fresh fruit preserve from Bonne Maman, in a cookie baked under the supervision of Pooja Dhingra & Chef Pablo was an added highlight!

Bonne Maman

Le15 Patisserie was pretty much one of the early ones to introduce Macaron, eclair and so many more chocolat varieties. And Bonne Maman is a French preserve brand that found it’s perfect match in Le15! Preserves contain at least 50% or more real fruit as compared to jams that contain only about 20-30%. And therefore they definitely feel a lot richer and wholesome. And preserves to be honest, are pretty traditional to France. So if it’s a preserve, it’s gotta be French!


At the ATOUT FRANCE event, we were taught how to bake some delicious cookies and also use some of the preserve from Bonne Maman in them. We baked 2 types – one was a thumbprint cookie with a generous dollop of strawberry preserve and the other was a matcha cake with some apricot preserve. I absolutely loved the thumbprint one. It’s amazing how the addition of a small amount of this could take my cookie experience to a new level of awesome!

Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman


So if you are super tempted to try out some French preserve, then Bonne Maman is the real deal. These are available in Godrej Nature’s Basket and on Amazon too. I’m definitely getting one of these to enjoy with my morning toast.


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