Priyanka Chopra is back as Alex Parrish – Season 2, Quantico!

Alex Parrish is back & with a bang !! The season 2 of Quantico featuring our very own ” desi girl ” Priyanka Chopra has made its comeback on star world.
Priyanka Chopra’s Alex Parrish started on a new journey in Quantico Season 2 at the CIA with a slew of new characters, possible new romances, a mix of old friends and of course, new enemies yesterday and Star World invited fans to cheer for her and exclusively catch the first episode of Quantico Season 2 before it premiered in India at Anti-Social, Hauz Khas on 26th september.

To celebrate the return of the show, Star World organized a special screening and a special message from Priyanka herself. The actress sent a video message for fans welcoming them for the screening and wishing them a good time. The first episode of Season 2 opened with Alex Parrish beginning her first day at The Farm, the CIA training facility, getting acquainted with her new colleagues and a brand new style of working and as the events slowly unrolled, the audience loved every minute, making the screening a huge success.

Quantico Season 2 airs Monday at 9PM only on Star World and Star World.

Featured Image source:jugnoo

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