Chi Asian Cookhouse at DLF Mall of India, Noida


Ever been on a look out for that small restaurant which serves the best local food. Well, look no more. Chi Asian cookhouse gets you the best street food that Asia’s streets have to offer. Since the food is familiar it becomes the classic comfort food, fuss free and enjoyed best with all your friends and family.

Spread across 1900 square feet, with a display kitchen and a seating capacity of 58 , the space is vibrant with cool wall colours complimented with multicoloured placemats and Menus. The bright colored accessories are kept in jars. Being there means stress free environment very much like the famous streets where the food is inspired from.

The basket weaves have served as an inspiration for the visual language, which feels well-designed, yet welcoming. To top it all the open facade design perfectly complements the street style dining experience.

We began our meal by – Chi Chewees

The ever popular Asian chewy drinks make a playful debut. ChiChewees features jelly swimming in a lagoon of flavor and aroma. Eat while you drink. Drink while you eat.

Chiang Mai Glass Noodles Soup:

A wholesome broth with thin transparent noodles, mixed vegetables and chicken. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Hawkers Wok – Chicken in betel leaf (A must try)


Tender chicken, peanuts and slightly bitter betel leaf has the most delicious flavour. This chicken is bound to make you drool.

Satay Platter is a must if you love food in skewers. Sizzling hot it comes in a variety of flavours, spicy to tangy and meats (Pork and Chicken).

The Dimsum cart is a must order. With so much flavour packed in them. There is an explosion of flavour in every bite. The interesting part is, the bamboo steamer here is also used as part of the ambience – The over hanging lamps (See pic above).

A whole new concept: Mix ‘N’ Match



Street food is all about mixing, matching and having fun. Everything in this section, from sauce to the ingredients themselves, is open to your direction. Customize your wok and give it a whirl. A must try for the adventurous types and who love being specific about their food.

When in Chi – A must must try : Chindian

thumb_img_6538_1024As the name suggest it our very own Indian Chinese style street food. Already popular, it is not suggested but simply tried.
From Hakka to Honey Chilli, their hawker style renditions of traditional Chinese cuisine are unabashedly inauthentic, and so delicious. We had to try the classic – Chilli Chicken.

Kimbap: Korean Street Sushi

When at Chi, trying street food is an absolute delight. With myriad choices you have to be indulgent to savour the vast variety. Hard to miss – Chinese Sushi.

If one could capture the perfect comfort food, it would look like this:
thumb_img_6548_1024The most yummy and a forever classic – Meal on a Plate – Bak Chor Mee.
Minced Pork with noodles, it screams flavour in every bite. There is something very simple about it that makes you keep wanting more and more.

No meal is complete, until the Sweet Tooth is satisfied.

Although local, these desserts take coconut flavour to an all new level. Left: Coconut Milk with jelly: This is a dessert that should be had before you begin your meal and when you end your meal. Eating/drinking it once doesn’t to justice to its refreshing taste and flavour.
Right: Coconut Pancake: Sweet perfection. Served with ice cream you get a classical symphony with coconut being more dominant.

A must visit place if you enjoy authentic street food of different cuisines like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Asian, Japanese and Sea food. All in all an amazing experience. Highly recommended.

Address: F-456, 3rd Floor, DLF Mall of India,Sector 18, Noida



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