Big Bazaar’s Navratri & Dushhera #9Colours #9Looks Campaign!

Big Bazaar is celebrating Navratri & Dushhera with #9Colours#9Looks campaign. Where the message is “Jab rang milenge tabhi toh naye rang khilenge”.

This TV advert was so interesting that I am compelled to write about it. It is a phenomenal idea to pick a colour for each day and dress up in those colours. We know that we meet loads of new people and attend lots of parties during the festive season. We also know that it can be quite awkward meeting new people, especially if you are an introvert. Now, dressing up in similar colours is a great ice breaker because otherwise you wouldn’t know what to speak to a new person about. If they are dressed in the same colours as you are, you feel like a part of a group. You feel like you know them, even if you don’t.


Why I like the festive season is because everyone is happy, everyone has new clothes and there is celebration in the air. People smile a lot. People are positive and the whole atmosphere is filled with positivity and pleasant vibes.

I’ve never really tried to match colour of my clothes with other people but the whole idea of doing so is exciting. Shopping with family or friends and then running into someone who is wearing the same colour would be a great experience. Red, blue, yellow, green, grey, orange, white, pink and blue are all amazing colours and I know it would be fun to populate my wardrobe with some bright colours. I usually pick black and white for my wardrobe and now I think it is time to break the monochrome shackles and spice up things. The collection at Big Bazaar is interesting and the best part is that the clothes are inexpensive. I would never imagine getting so many good quality clothes at such a low price anywhere else in India. Big Bazaar’s new campaign is certainly a treat. I’m excited to give this a try!

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