Depot 48 – Original Music, Inspired Food!

When we were at Depot 29 in June this year, we were told Depot 48 is opening in Greater Kailash. Amidst a conversation with one of the owners, Vikas, we were told that Depot 29 and the then planned Depot 48 were conceptualized with just one aim in mind – Original music, Inspired food. Once you are at either, you will know the difference – there are acoustics in place – which are not only a great help for the gigs they have almost every other day, but they also allow you to have conversations effortlessly on the table. The music, in spite of being at its full bloom, doesn’t interfere your conversation with your table-mates, such is the beauty of the design, and why not, one of the owners is a sound engineer!


Spread over a floor (Depot 29 is 3 floors), Depot 48 is proud to flaunt it’s association with music with multiple cassette walls, which is intriguing, since you don’t get to see many cassettes these days. There are some things that continue from Depot 29 and some new additions to the menu, which is just 2 pages, but gives you enough variety from the 8-9 sections it has.

Audio cassette wall (1)

Our feast started with the Spinach and Spanish Artichoke dip served with home made tortilla chips (340) – whatever you do here, don’t miss this. The dip is something that you would order again and again for the creaminess and the taste. We thought Sweet Potato fries with garlic and paprika aioli (250) would be better a little crispier, not sure if that could actually be done. Pulled Pork, refried beans & Jack Cheese quesadilla (530) is a repeat from Depot 29. We fell in love the first time we had it in Depot 29 and it happened again at Depot 48. We ordered the Pulled pork and refried beans Taco (690) thinking it would come with a hard taco, but it was a soft one – this should have been mentioned in the menu, I think, but anyhow the taste was great and we loved it despite the taco being a soft one.

spinach and artichoke dip

sweet potato fries

quinoa and chicken salad

pulled pork quesadilla

pulled pork tacos

From the salad bar we got the Quinoa and chicken salad with pomegranate, mint and pine nuts (490). I tried the veg. version of this at Depot 29 (also available here), and I loved that more. Had heard a lot about their Jack fruit burger (410), and tried it – served with avocado mash and caramelized onion, this one’s a winner. I think jack fruit is under utilized in the food industry, but it has a lot of potential, and Depot 48 (& Depot 29) does it’s bit on that front. We also tried the Polenta crusted halibut with orange & lemon sauce (690). It is served with a silky-smooth potato mash and the orange and lemon sauce goes very well with the fish.

jackfruit burger


polenta crusted halibut

Who doesn’t know about the famous waffles of Depot 29, and we were very happy that the menu has been preserved here. A half and half of Banana and toffee & Wild berry compote & mascarpone cheese with vanilla ice cream is the best end to a meal that you can have. Ask your server for the half & half and choose from the masterpieces, you can never have enough!



banana & toffee and wild berry compote waffle

We did try some drinks (mocktails as we went on a dry day). Virgin Gingranate is an excellent one. I am definitely making another visit soon to try some of their well praised cocktails.

virgin gingranate

The staff was on the toes all the time, and we were told that some of the dishes were not available for certain reasons beforehand. A very nice thing to do pro-actively than being later told that the dish you ordered is not available. Goes a long way to highlight the coordination between the team and the servers.

Depot 48 holds gigs almost every other day and topped with the excellent food and delectable drinks, this is the place to be – whether you want to enjoy the music, enjoy your food and have some conversation while enjoying both!

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