VITS – Arabic Food Festival

Middle Eastern cuisines reflect a diversity of taste and culture, and there will always be plenty of choices! And these culinary delights were brought  here in the island city of Mumbai by VITS Luxury Hotel. Hosting the month Arabic Food Festival, VITS served its guests lip-smacking Arabic cuisine.

The menu of the Arabic Food Festival comprised of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. These flavorsome recipes were a treat to the taste buds as Chef Hemant & Chef Arnald charted out the best of the yummy Arabic recipes for the guests. It was their ideation and conceptualization that brought the ultimate Arabian cuisines to the tables.

Commencing my journey with the 1st Arabic vegetarian recipes, I chose the Falafel. Amazing presentation and the burger style structure was truly fantastic.  The deep fried blend of grounded chickpeas & spices in between the pieces of Peta Bread was a sight to witness and taste just bowled me over as it was a delicious non-veg miniature burger.


The next in line to tantalize my taste buds were the Spinach Bell Pepper, Mushroom & Cheese Fatayer & Orfali Kebab. Spinach Fatayer was a puff well-baked and religiously stuffed with assorted bell pepper, spinach, mushroom & feta cheese. The softness of it ensured it melted at first bite. While the Orfali Kebab was truly crunchy and tasted heavenly. I can vouch on it to serve it as substitute for fried chicken strips and the one tasting it won’t have just one.

These wholesome Arabic recipes created a flavorsome experience for the taste buds and if you feel this wasn’t enough, the hotel had also created an options of Veg Mezze which offered portions from each recipe in one platter. And the same was created for the Non-veg Mezze.


All the recipes were complemented with enticing accompaniments like Fattoush, Lebanese Dip & Hummus. These were specially made to add to the toothsome taste of every appetizer based dish. The delicacies were skillfully cooked with Olive Oil which ensured the taste just lingered for a long while after having the recipe. Even the accompaniments like hummus was garnished with Olive Oil, The Lebanese dip was flavored with hung-curd & thyna paste. And the Fattoush Salad comprised of lettuce, pepper, olive, parsley.

After tasting the veg section of the Arabian cuisine, I was sure that the non-vegetarian side of the platter is up for some scrumptious surprise. And true to its essence, the platter comprised of mouth-watering dishes like Kibbeh, Shish Taouk and Lebanese Sumac Prawns.

Kibbeh translates to “the shape of a ball” in Arabic.  Finely baked & deep fried crispy lamb meat balls were certainly yummy and succulent. Their taste was indeed unique and no kebab could match up to their level of finesse, softness & taste. Must confess that it was quite appetizing!


The cubes of boneless chicken were well marinated and they were accurately grilled. The taste was simply gorgeous. The crispy and softy combination nature made Shish Taouk along with Peta bread stand out among many other grilled middle eastern delicacies.


Lastly, what tantalized my taste bud was the Lebanese Sumac Prawns. Well marinated with sumac, special spices and slowly grilled, it tasted simply incomparable. To complement the dish appetizing garlic dip and Peta bread were offered. After such a divine dining experience I believe that VITS Luxury Hotel is the place for those who love to try variety of dishes, cuisines and special delicacies.


And true to this belief, the Hotel does look forward in serving its guests with new cuisines every season. So, try the Arabian cuisine at VITS and do watch their space for upcoming culinary fests. Be rest assured, your taste buds will be treated with the best of the recipes.

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