My Chronicles of Fairmont Jaipur

Before I get on to explaining my story, I  would like to first mention that this was my first FAM (Familiarization) Trip and also that shall remain a memory for a lifetime. the kind of experience I adjudged and the kind of place this was, it can be termed as impeccable and memorable forever, atleast, in my perspective.

So, before jumping straight to the venue I would like to  take the liberty of first getting acquainted with the place where this opulent and magnificent venue is located, Jaipur, capital and also the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. The State was founded on date 18 November 1727 by “Maharaja Jai Singh II”, who use to rule Amer. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City of India. Located 260 km from the Indian capital New Delhi, Jaipur is a popular tourist destination in India and serves as a gateway to other tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Jaipur has a hot semi-arid climate receiving over 650 mm of rainfall annually but most rains occur in the monsoon months between June and September. Temperatures remain relatively high during summer from April to early July. During the monsoon there are frequent, heavy rains and thunderstorms, but flooding is not common. The winter months of November to February are mild and pleasant, and with little or no humidity and cold waves lead to temperatures near freezing.

This exquisite venue is located in the outskirts of Jaipur, precisely, Overlooking the Aravalli hills, this extravagant hotel/palace is situated 8 kms from Amer Fort. So my journey began, giggling and laughing along with friends who were strangers just a couple of minutes ago and never knew I am heading towards an eternal friendship with these like  minded people. Well, we finally reached after a touch down at the Jaipur Railway Station, and then taken by the Hotel’s shuttle service, we finally arrived to this grand and opulent venue that I have seen in my lifetime.


This was the lavish entry to this venue, an ancient style giant entrance gates to give the guests to  this venue a sense of royalty and magnanimity. Eventually I along with my friends kept on adjudging  things beyond amazement.


This was the entrance to  the venue where the vehicle drops the guest to the main entrance and incontrovertibly an extremely beautiful and very amazing appeal to the guests, as the guests are welcome with flowers showering from the window situated above the main door and while the guests come, 2 persons from the hotel with huge drums (large musical instrument in the pic), start playing the drums for  the grand entrance giving that sense of novelty to the guests again.

While we stepped inside a person with his beautiful tone and a talented hand with an instrument welcomed us warm heartedly and gave us a very amicable salutation. Gradually while we were heading towards the concierge/reception area the beautiful garden area with 4 specific portions for a sprawling view was present and then in the balcony area a talented individual sat while welcoming us as playing a very vibrant music on a Santoor.


Now as we were heading towards the reception area, it was told to us that this hotel has different and carious stories because of which it became what it is now, as this was a palace once now turned hotel, does gives that antiquated outlook of a sublime beauty that was meant for impeccability. Like the pic of the roof demonstrates the various poses of entertainment while playing or dancing as it was a learning  technique at that time.

While we were proceeding towards the reception area, it was adjacent to the hotel’s live bar and coffee lounge called ‘ANJUM’, and while were are got comfortable, we were greeted with their rejuvenating welcome drink which was really effective and refreshing.


So after settling down and was excessively tired due to a long tedious journey, we were all escorted to our rooms, as my room No. was 115 and the pictures shall speak my verse for how appealing and lavish the rooms were. But yes, it is imperative to mention we got the opportunity to stay at the Gold Class rooms, located on the 1st floor of the venue, the entire first floor is the Gold floor which comes with certain privileges and amenities.


A giant hallway to the rooms and while entering a room, a small corridor and juxtapose to the left is an enormous washroom with every possible equipped facility, from a giant bath tub to a separate showering room and a separate loo amenity which makes it very convenient for a hygiene lover and right next to the giant washroom facility is the grand Bedroom with an insouciant and suave outlook, makes the guests feel quintessentially Royale within oneself (atleast I got a sweet taste of that feeling). Well, while one stays in the room, the free-wifi access, the room temperature controller, an extraordinary view and a very comfortable bed that makes the tiring of an entire day go away in seconds.

After enjoying a nice cold bath, the hotel staff started to amaze me with their hospitality in the most effective manner possible, as right after my bath I was served a tiffin lunch service,  which is meant for the guests as a token of gesture for a comfortable room dining experience. Well I was served with; (Kadhai Paneer, Daal Makhni, Rice, Chapati, Additional condiments for the extra flavor like a perfect welcome meal)


After a refreshing phase of relaxing and having such delectable north Indian tiffin lunch I was all set for a nice walk through this property and getting acquainted with this monumental establishment that was not only beautiful venue but a sublime creativity of old times. Hence, I took my camera and braced up for a walk worthy to remember.

So let me just elucidate as to what all does this property got, and let me start by saying that this property is huge, like humongous. We started from the reception area itself, the first thing told to us was that the hotel was a palace then turned into a hotel, and that every nook, every corner and every area in this hotel has got a story behind its existence. A 400 years old, antiquated gate which was more of a classic piece of art that stood there and had such an appealing look to it. But instead of digressing, we began the tour of property from reception area, and followed to the main gate entrance while they explained us the reason of this welcome and the person playing Santoor at the entrance itself, also the garden with 4 divisions has also a story behind it, eventually we headed towards inner part of the venue, like the reception area also got a hallway that leads the person to a boutique, a jewel shop and also a kids playing area for miscellaneous activities. Gradually, we came down to there posh all day dining restaurant called “ZOYA”, which I can specify in word as ‘Immaculate’, the decor, the designs, the interiors and the presentations were maverick in every sense. We stepped out to the pool side and then got a good look at the entire venue (Front portion), the face of Fairmont Jaipur, then went to see the other facilities like Gymnasium and Spa facility which is right adjacent to the Pool section and also right underneath there legendary Indo-Persian restaurant namely ‘ZARIN’. The entire hotel is interconnected so there are lanes that connects different areas of hotels together for convenience. After, looking at the stupefying ambiance  of ‘ZARIN’, and adjudging the gym and Spa facility we finally went to see the corporate touch of  the venue as the hotel also got really big and impressively decorated halls for different prospects and events. The venue also got a backyard entrance for the comfort factor for all the guests at once. To make my version more specific, here are some of my memories from this walk;



After finishing our walk, all the friends went to there respective rooms for freshening up and came back to ‘ZOYA’ for dinner, I went and we all sat together on one table, as the menu was fixed as to what was to be served to us, all that mattered to me was the taste and presentation and with all due respect, I can vouch for the artistic presentation and the impeccable taste of the dishes. Loved every bite and relished every moment with everyone on the dinner table and even before we all went for the dinner a small Katputli Show was there for the guests and we actually enjoyed it. the dinner had;  Caesar Salad (Veg and Non Veg), Pan seared scallops and prawn,  Pan seared chicken, caplini aglio olio and for desserts we had Tiramisu and 5 Senses. A little preview to this treat;


It was a memorable dinner and a memorable eve with such great people and such amicable staff, mesmerizing it was for me. Finally came an end to DAY 1 of this FAM trip, and with a sweet good night we all went to  our rooms for an exciting and rambunctious tomorrow.

Note: This was the 1st part of my story as the day ended with such pleasant note, stay tuned for my next day blog on my Chronicles of Fairmont Jaipur.


To be continued…..

Review Credit : SAGAR


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