Launch of Chris Gayle’s autobiography at Dusit Devarana, NH-8, New Delhi

Roseate is indeed one of the most celebrated Luxury Resorts in Delhi NCR. It is not only known for its exquisite ambience but also for its amazing restaurants. The grandeur of the property can be witnessed right from the entrance and extends to every nook and corner with very tastefully done interiors. In addition, the building surrounds an artificial lake which makes it even more aesthetically pleasing and rejuvenating.

Humor & Sport when delivered in combination form the most unique of all experiences. That’s what we witnessed at the launch of ‘Six Machine’, an absolutely apt nomenclature for a book named for the autobiography of Christopher Henry Gayle.


The event was marked by the benign presence of Chris Gayle (West Indian Cricketer), Virender Sehwag (Former Indian Cricketer) & Lt. Anurag Singh Thakur (Member of Parliament & Honorary BCCI President) amongst other dignitaries. It was fun listening to their on field moments and a realization of how playing the same sport for different countries ultimately diminishes all boundaries!

The launch event was followed by some lip smacking snacks and cocktails/Mocktails.

The food served was being personally monitored by their Head Chef and his team. They were courteous enough to show us the cooking shed which was extremely hygienic. The place was flushed with enthusiasm of their chefs in an attempt to provide the best food to the guests.

The menu comprised of a combination of their signature and their most creative dishes. They served 4 Veg and 4 Non Veg appetizers in pretty decent portions.


We started with their Signature vegetarian dish – Wasabi Mushroom: It was definitely the most indulging of all dishes which spoke volumes about the thought they put into their menu. The mushrooms were fried to perfection to give that golden glaze. Absolute joy ushered when the crispiness was complemented with their well-balanced and appropriately pungent wasabi dressing with crispy beetroot on the top.

Chicken Larb Gai: This dish was extremely sophisticated with the classic Thai minced chicken salad served in the cucumber moulds giving a refreshing and crunchy twist to the whole dish. A definite must try for the ones looking for some fresh cold entrees.

Chicken and Almond croquettes: It was yet another extravagant fried bread crumbed dish with minced chicken and chopped almond inside the crispy coating. This dish gives a great deal of textural balance and it’s a definite treat to the palate.

Adding to their versatile menu, they served Roesti with asparagus and corn: It’s a Swiss dish with Potato as the hero of the dish with asparagus and corn held together in a mayo based dressing as the topping. A good option for vegetarians who need a safe bet with their food.


Local Sea Bass: An absolute flavorsome grilled fish with a lightly baked coating of chilli paste and tomato topped with lettuce and what it seemed to us like an American dressing. A perfectly smooth texture is what made this dish divine.


Lettuce Wrap: Fresh and crunchy lettuce bed with finely chopped vegetables tossed in authentic Chinese sauces. The dish tasted pretty decent, however it lacks details in terms of vegetables. A non-vegetarian Lettuce wrap would have been definitely a better choice.


Goat cheese Mousse: Goat cheese with onion jam sprinkled with black garlic on the top of a thin cracker. It’s very personal choice of dish. Ones who like goat cheese along with a sweetened element can go for this option. However, in our opinion the dish could have been better in terms of flavours.

Confit Duck Masala: Very similar option to the Goat cheese mousse for the non-vegetarians with shredded Duck topped with a mango salsa and sweetened base. The dish was taken too far with the sweetness and we could not really see a harmony in the flavors.

Besides, mojito and red wine added a perfect tinge to the above assortments. In a nutshell, it was a lovely evening with cricketing legends, followed by a very balanced treat to taste buds and complimented perfectly by the serene picturesque of The Roseate!

Credit: Shubham G.
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