Day 30: #365FitDays – Poha Xpress’s Healthy Breakfasts 

I’m glad that I’m on a diet because I get to try so many interesting things that I would never have tried otherwise. Poha Xpress is the answer to my prayers because it really does have the nicest poha and lassi.

This poha is as close to home cooking as possible. It isn’t one of those oil dripping unhealthy pohas. That’s what I really love, guilt free breakfast!

The menu is extensive but I picked the lassi without too many raisins because I wanted to continue to eat as healthy as possible!

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2 thoughts on “Day 30: #365FitDays – Poha Xpress’s Healthy Breakfasts 

  1. Hey Shivangi

    Thank you for kind words! We are delighted to see your review!

    Your words motivate us to work even harder for our customers’ delight! And for your delight, please use Coupon code “HAPPYME” for yourself and all your followers till Dec’16 while purchasing through

    Thank you and See you Again!

    Cofounder, Poha Xpress

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