Day 5: Naropa Festival 2016 – Drummer Sivamani & Violinist Deepak Pandit LIVE

Naropa 2016 marks the largest assembly of The Drukpa masters and includes cultural performances by prominent Himalayan artists who also represent the Drukpa community.
One of the most sacred events of the festival is the display of the six boned ornaments belonging to the Naropa, the 11th century saint, by HIs Highness Gyalwang Drukpa himself. The six bone ornaments are one of the holiest treasures of the Himalayas and origin of many foundational practices of Buddhism.

On Tuesday once the prayers were over, there was a very interesting event, an inter school quiz on Naropa. This was a great way to showcase the history and culture while engaging the young.

The evening’s cultural extravaganza started off by exhilarating performances by the famous percussionist Sivamani. Flute player Deepak Pandit along with Vicky sang beautiful Punjabi and Kashmiri songs to keep the audience in rapt attention.

Finally, to add uniqueness to the proceedings magician Rahul Kharbanda gave a sterling show and rounded of the evening.

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