The Face Shop Launches in India..!!

38 Barracks in CP recently witnessed launch of a Korean Cosmetic & Skin Care Brand, The Face Shop. The Face Shop after its presence in over 34 countries and  being amongst top cosmetic brand across the globe, now launches in India. Through a bloggers meet, this announcement was made official, though the products would be available on Amazon from October onwards.
Miss Diane Lee, the spokesperson from The Face Shop, explained about the various natural ingredients used in the products and their benefits. The brand definitely boasts of creating a wide range of skincare, hair care and beauty products from over 1,000 natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin so that the skin will feel as much nourished from within, as it looks beautiful on the surface. The brands tagline is ‘Natural Story’ derived from this very fact of using natural ingredients in the products. And hence the choice of coming to India was an obvious one, as India as a country believes in natural ingredients.

Through the bloggers meet, the audience was also made to engage with Shawn Kim, a beauty and make up expert who traveled to India for the first time. Kim exhibited his make up art on  quite a few volunteers and shared his tips and tricks, making us aware of the secrets to achieve that flawless look.

Not only Kim showcased his make up skills, but also answered audience queries as per their specific problems and how to overcome them with the correct use of make up tools and products.

It was a really great session, where in we not only learnt about the goodness of these products but also how to use them in correct manner.

I have been hooked to these products ever since, I am thankful to The Face Shop for sharing this amazing hamper of selected products with me. I am completely in love with their lipsticks and eye liners, they are so smooth and fabulous. Even their skin care products like the face masks and the chia gel is awesome.

I am definitely looking forward to the products being available online for me to buy many more of them and I am sure you all too would love them. Keep a watch as they launch in October.

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