For weeks,I had been walking by the social cyber hub hoarding. So needless to say, I was jumping with excitement when I finally received the invite for the Social Cyber Hub opening. We were welcomed at the entrance and then led through a very narrow corridor, I was a little bit disappointed until I took a look around at this absolutely brilliant concept. This particular Social is modelled after the Bombay Chawls.

With charpais used for seating and typically Social iron chairs and carom boards used at table tops, Social has gone ahead and outdone themself !

Cyber Hub Social 4.jpg


The outside seating area,in addition to a regular big couch also has large concrete pipes that have been painted with graffiti and converted into seating areas with wooden table tops.


I have always been a fan of social’s food and Bunta cocktails which are consistently good! I tried the pork belly this time, which is now my newest favourite.

Beer n Cheese Lamb Burger.jpg


Of all the Socials in our city, this one is definitely my favourite.There is a large and spacious bar which I anticipate will get overwhelmingly crowded over the weekends,the place is the perfect addition to Gurgaon’s Cyber Hub.


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