Restaurant Review: The Chatter House, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place, Delhi


What exclusive terminus for all who wants one-to-one conversation, The Chatter house is one of the finest restaurant and lounges in New Delhi, for them who precisely needs a special corner for their most significant meeting and talks.



What an admirable milieu of The Chatter House, the placement of Bar and Restaurant is just much arranged, no one can feel any kind of fracas. Similarly, the dining area is also very well planned. There is also a beautiful Singer for creating the milieu more enthusiasts; she has a commendable voice and such a wonderful guitarist. Overall, The Chatter House can make “Dead People Alive”.


Shakes and Smoothies are very yummy and delighted especially its Fresh Mixed Fruit Smoothie, Peanut Butter and Hazelnut Shake and Oreo Caramel Shake. What to say about their wold class Beers and Ciders ‘Murphy’s Irish Stout’ it’s a lighter and sweeter dry stout, it contains a flavour evocative of caramel and malt and mentioned as a distant relative of Chocolate Milk, ‘Corona’ its light on the palate with faint granny characters and barely perceptible bitterness, ‘Birra Moretti’ it contains delicate malt flavour, smooth and well balanced, slightly boppy and not to forget ‘Stella Artois’ it contains a flavoured of boppy aroma and a hint of Fruitiness and ‘The Chatter House’ special mouth licking Cocktail ‘Monkey Vineyard’ it’s a mixed combi of Stolichnaya, lime juice and fresh banana served frozen with floating house and red wine in margarita glass.



Food is so tempting that one can never want to share a bit with another especially their summer specials. ‘Chatter House Shepherd’s Pie’ its extract lamb ragout topped with mashed potatoes, gratinated and served with garlic bread, ‘Galouti Kebab Platter’ Mouth-watering Minced Lamb Kebab with ultra taw aka paratha, and what a ‘Bhuna Gosht Platter’ with Pan fried and spicy onion tomato gravy and deeply flavoured with fresh ground spices. It’s not justified for drinkers if not mention about the Bar Snacks. ‘BBQ Chicken Wings’ It’s Crisp Chicken wings served with Chatter House Barbeque sauce, another mouth licking bar snack ‘Balls On Fire’ it contains Lamb dumplings simmered in the tomato and chipotle sauce finished with feta and smoked chilli.

So, surely make your one visit to ‘The Chatter House’ and to make your visit memorable…

Credit: Sunakshi
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