Restaurant Review: One Noodle Friendship, Preston, Melbourne, Australia

I am from South India. I love authentic Asian food and cheap eats around Melbourne. In my suburb, One Noodle Friendship is one of the most popular cheap eats. My area has loads of Asian diners on the high street in Preston but this is one of my favorites.


The Diner


One Noodle Friendship 

This place is tailored for the masses. I like how unique the name is – One Noodle Friendship. The restaurant provides perfect dumplings with a homemade feel and freshness.


Dumpling Noodle Soup

I regularly takeaway veg dumplings and pork prawn dumplings – my favorite on the menu. Start and end the meal with oolong tea which is really nice, it cleanses and acts like an appetizer.


Pork & Veg Dumplings

Their home made five spice chicken & beef stock for their dumpling soup noodles (handmade noodles) is very flavorsome. I pair main course & dumplings with their crafted Szechwan Chill dip made with chilly oil – phenomenal.


Pork Wonton Soup

These light eats are worth your money. The soup with wontons is another excellent dish. The owner of this restaurant is a really welcoming and friendly person. I like visiting this restaurant.


Cold Seaweed Salad

When I don’t feel like cooking I pick dinner pork dumplings with chilly sauce. I go a little overboard with the chilly sauce because it is extraordinary.

Highly recommended – the dumpling noodle soup.

Restaurant Location: 417-419 High Street, Preston, Melbourne, VIC

Credit: Pradeep
Featured Image: Cosmic Dee
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