Service Review: Reliance resQ – To Buy or Not to Buy?

This service is a blessing for people like me who are always surrounded by electronics. That said let me tell you all about resQ, resQ is the service arm of Reliance Digital which caters to customers’ after sales service needs. I didn’t know much else but I wanted to learn everything about this service because Gurgaon has terrible voltage surge issues. I have lost an air conditioner, a microwave and a laptop charger to surge and fluctuation issues.


The resQ sales guy recommended me to get all my appliances insured. ‘Quality & Friendly’ customer service is what I was promised when I was sold this plan. I was told that I will be visited by a resQ service maintenance guy sometime in the future.

I was already aware of the benefits of getting my TV, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator and Microwave insured because of my earlier losses and I embraced resQ’s offer to ensure my products with both hands.


After my product was insured I received a call from the resQ to confirm my purchase. A resQ service maintenance guy came within a week to explain to me how I can use this service to my advantage and he also checked my appliances to see if they were working fine. The maintenance guy was very friendly and told me the following things:

  • I can get any brand and any product insured.
  • This service available 365 days a year.
  • They provide free product pickup and drop.
  • The service timings are from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • They have several authorised service centres.
  • They also provide standby units.

The resQ Care Plans are comprehensive in nature, offer scheduled preventive maintenance visits and Standby units in special cases. Customer care helps to set up for optimum performance, they demonstrate product usage and offer extended warranty plans for your electronics and home appliances.

I recently got all my products insured with the help of the resQ service maintenance guy and now I feel relieved that if anything were to ever happen to my products I would have resQ!

3 thoughts on “Service Review: Reliance resQ – To Buy or Not to Buy?

  1. Just wait for the after sales service. Indeed a blessing. My TV is not getting on and the ResQ team is still finding the solution from the last one month. 🙂 I’m feeling blessed.

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