Weber Grill Academy @ Ghitorni, New Delhi


Not a long while back I converted vegetarian although the cravings for all the things beyond the realm of veggie-land keeps tormenting me, every time it’s time to order. Although I’m quite content that I’m holding up quite well, when I got an invite for Weber’s grilling workshop I thought this has to be the ultimate temp-test!


So I shared my thoughts of on this challenge of mine with Mr. Manish Samtaney (Head- Marketing) from Weber as he cheerfully briefed about the event and Weber’s products. I’ll be honest he was rather glad of my deliberation as he explained how there are more possibilities to grilling and BBqing beyond the kebabs and tikkas. A quick showcase of various bbq and grill machines, different techniques and a discussion on how vegetarians would relish indulging in bbq-ing was educating indeed. Although being an ex-lover of tikkas, chops and steaks I still had my doubts.


Weber of course have been pioneers in making BBQs and so was apparent in the refined range of grills on display- electric, gas and charcoal and grilling accessories. What was the highlight was the grill academy which was nicely done with a cooking station, dining area and the grilling area.


Chef Melvin took us through the menu which we were to prepare- pizzas, paneer steak, tangri kebabs, whole chicken grilled, banana bread and tortilla wraps. I happily took the pizza station and made my first ever pizza base pin-rolled then hand stretched, turned out well you bet. All other participants were put to a particular recipe and it was indeed a playful and great cooking experience.



Food turned out amazing, pizzas took about 7 mins in the grill with the lid (this lid technique helps retain heat, therefore opening doors to various cooking method even baking!). Banana bread was stupendous (yes it was baked on the grill as well). As for the tandoori chicken legs and grilled chicken, fellow foodies were happy with their high protein juicy meal and I enjoyed the sight of meat falling off the bone, that’s the best I get these days). But to not give in to these cravings at a bbq setup proves that all food turned out really well. Overall It turned out to be an engaging evening with the guilt-free indulgence of barbecuing. The FBAI and Weber India’s invite to this academy was real fun!



Review Credit – Rahul

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