Day 11: #365FitDays – Swim/Take The Stairs!

Keeping fit may seem like a chore but if you want to stay fit for life you will have to make it a part of your life.

Aqua Aerobics

How do I make being healthy a part of my life?

Well, start will small steps like taking the stairs instead of using the lift. Reduce your sugar and salt intake. By reduce I don’t mean stop. Extremes are never good. Everything is moderation and a balanced diet is what is required for you to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Are you depriving yourself?

If you go on a strict diet it may help you lose weight for an occasion but chances are that you are going to gain it back. If you are looking to lose weight permanently, try and make lifestyle changes. Develop habits that will help you maintain a healthy life.

How do you develop a good habit?  

It’s very simple. Follow something for 21 days and on the 22nd day it won’t seem like you are making a effort to do it. It will become a habit. For instance, if you take the stairs or swim every day for 21 days on the 22nd day it won’t seem unusual. You will automatically head to the stairs instead of the lift or head to the pool for your evening swim!

Is change really hard?

It’s only hard if you pressure yourself too much. Try it, change your bad habits into good one, one step at a time!


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