Popcorn Bar, PVR Director’s Cut


The popcorn bar is a gourmet dessert counter, now open at PVR Director’s Cut, Ambience Mall. As the name suggests, it serves sweet and savory popcorn in unheard flavors like Texas BBQ and Cajun & cheese. There are other exciting new flavors available for in-cinema dining or as take away treats, such as the international savory range including Cheddar, Wasabi, Sour Cream & Onion flavors to name a few; the sweet range including Mocha Caramel, Belgian Chocolate and Fruit range of Mango, Orange & Watermelon and the exclusive Popcorn Sundae range made of a customized mix of ice creams and popcorn flavors.

8a19c326-53e1-4da5-bbbd-a97a7a449fd5Pocorn Bar menu

The Popcorn Bar will also be serving high quality gelatos in collaboration with Minus 30, a designer ice cream brand.

Choco Chunk Sundae

I’d like to call this combination as the haute cuisine of desserts right here in delhi. Minus 30 is renowned for being rooted in the old tradition of Italian ice cream masters, and specializing in blends that are free from artificial flavors. Are you excited to try gelato flavours like mango, mascarpone and basil or some goat’s cheese and wild berry? It is available at the Popcorn bar and you should be trying it very soon.

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Under the very able stewardship of Executive Chef Mayank Tiwari , PVR Director’s cut is not only the best in movie dining experience in Delhi, but is fast becoming a standalone fine dining destination in itself. Moreover, Chef Mayank assured us that there will be many more pleasant surprises he has planned for us so watch this space!



The Popcorn Bar/Minus 30 

PVR Director’s Cut

Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj




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