Dash – changing the way you order food!

Sitting in a restaurant, looking at the menu, there are always some big questions in mind – what will the dish be like, what goes into the dish, does it have something that you are allergic to, how many portions to order. Even if the restaurant staff may be super efficient, there is always scope to miss something. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to tell show you what exactly your dish looks like, specifics of what goes into the dish and how much is on the plate? It will, definitely, for a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, ever wondered what a video is worth?

That million dollar question cropped up in the minds of former NDTV Executives & founders of Idea Chakki Private LimitedMs Monica Narula (Foodistan, Highway on my Plate & Italian Khana), Mr Gunjan Mehrish (Hot Property, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Life is a Beach, Almost Famous) & Paris based independent Journalist Ms Noopur Tiwari (Wine Country Citizen, Art Beat) – and instead of shooing away the thought, they worked on it, and gave the world Dashthe in-restaurant app that demystifies the food for youthe power to eat what you want, without getting lost, in Gunjan’s words.

Doing away with the hard copies of the menu, Dash provides you a quick Fideo (that’s food + video for you, smart, eh!) of how your dish is made & what it looks like. To assist your decision making while ordering, it also shows you the ingredients, so that you don’t order a French Onion Soup, thinking it’s a vegetarian fare!

We got a first hand experience of the finesse of the app at Depot 48. Instead of the regular menus, we were handed an iPad. It is a great help, when you see the dishes before ordering, especially when you are exploring a new cuisine. The app tells you how the pronunciation goes (saved me the embarrassment of pronouncing Chilaquiles incorrectly); a quick Fideo lets you preview your dish and a trivia keeps you entertained.

Still can’t decide what to order? Dash comes to rescue with recommendations from experts and the most popular dishes. Just want to eat a particular meat on the day, filter it out and you will only see relevant dishes.

Tian (ITC Maurya), Artusi (GK2), Depot 29 (Safdarjung) and Depot 48 (GK1) have already made Dash part of their in-restaurant dining experience. Backed by Ratan Tata’s seed funding, the group is eyeing 30 clients by end of this year. Subscription based, there are a lot of customizations that can be done to incorporate Dash as part of the dining experience. To get a glimpse of how Dash, the in-dining luxury dining app, makes the menu dynamic, visit https://vimeo.com/177977278

Interested in Dash? Get in touch with Gunjan at gunjan.mehrish@ideachakki.com

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