Celebrating 3 years of The Vegetarian Bhukkad at JW Cafe, Sahar.

I’ve known Sucheta, aka our popular  Vegetarian Bhukkad for less than a year but it feels like its been a very very long time! I remember us really hitting it off at the IFBA last year when both of us were ecstatic and celebrating our win at the awards that evening.

Since then it has been a riot of fun with this vivacious, bubbly and always over the moon girl! When I was invited to celebrate 3 years of her blog  at the JW Sahar and heard that it was going to be an all girls gang,  I was all set for a chatty ladies night.

This was my first visit to JW Sahar for a meal, I’ve been here for various events in the past but wasn’t been able to dine at any of their restaurants.  Just on walking into Jw Cafe, i was very impressed by the lavish spread i could see around. Being an architecture student i was immediately drawn to the beautiful curtains of bells and the high ceiling. The cafe had a great vibe.


On taking a walk around to have a closer look at the spread I was delighted to see a dedicated Japanese counter. A slight back story you should probably know is that I absolutely love Japanese food, it’s one of my favourite cuisines. My favourite Japanese dishes? Those would be sashimi and sushi. What kind of sushi and sashimi you ask? Salmon Sashimi and tempura Maki rolls to be specific and you know what? They had ALL of this!

I have scoured buffets across the city in search of dedicated Japanese counters and have always been disappointed, until , JW Sahar!


Since I had been craving sushi and salivating at just its mention since over 2 months, I quite certainly picked up only a plate full of sushi to start with. As I arrived back at my seat with a beaming smile and a plate full of sushi, I found a gorgeous drink awaiting me. The Cranberry Mango Mocktail, a layered fruity drink which is an absolute delight to look at! When I heard the name of the drink, I wasn’t sure if the flavours would work but heck they really did!


Since there were so many cuisines around, I thought of coming back from japan to the streets of India. Im not usually the one to have chaat at hotels and restaurants but something about that cold paani  just seemed to magically draw me towards it. Hence my next pick was the chatpata Pani Puri.



The spread consisted of various little salad plates, cheeses, cold cuts,nuts as well as some grills and kebabs.

Before graduating to main course, the wonderful Old School Margarita arrived at our table. Now I LOVE cream and milk based drinks, soda cocktails and mocktails don’t get me going as much. The Old School Margarita was a glass of chilled cold coffe topped with a lavish portion of shaved chocolate. SIP,SLURP,YUM!

My main course comprised of predominantly of asian cuisine. I loved the glutionous sticky jasmine rice served with Thai Curry. There was also a stir fried seafood dish, with eggplant, prawns and mix vegetables served in a coconut  milk curry.


In addition to the humungous displayed variety there were also live counters making stir fried vegetables to your liking with a choice of sauce and everyones favourite, The Pasta Counter!

I don’t know about you but my eyes surely dilate when I see Beautiful Deserts around me! Decadent cakes, creamy mousses, crusty pies and wonderful tarts. Did I mention the amazing Choux Pastry filled with Whipped cream and a strawberry relish? It was amazing!

The dessert of the day however was the wonderful tiramusu brought down specially for us by Chef Roberto Zorzoli  from Romanos, JW Sahar. On hearing about the celebration he dropped in to say hello and arrived bearing this wonderful gift.




Believe me it vanished in seconds!

Here’s wishing The Vegetarian Bhukkad lots of love and success in her blogging career, today and always. A warm thank you Sucheta and Jw Sahar for hosting us.

I was so impressed by my experience at the JW that I can assure you that I will be back with many more posts about their food and restaurants but until then if youre in Mumbai you must drop by JW Cafe!

Review Credit:  Sanskaara Lalwani 

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