Review: Mystery Rooms, real life escape games.

  • You and your friends are part of the elite bomb disposal squad. Use your skills to save your lives by finding and diffusing the bomb.
  • Wrongly convicted, can you use your skills to get out of the jail and prove your innocence?
  • Can you use your skills to get free from the terrorists who have kidnapped you and foil a blackmail of the President?
  • Do you have guts to figure out the reason for the mysterious killings in the village?

If all (or any) of these tickle the detective bone, head out to Mystery Rooms, a real life escape gaming venture across NCR. It’s a welcome change from the weekend routine of drinking and eating out. Whether it is bonding with your loved ones or a team building activity to break the ice, Mystery Rooms provide the perfect venue to unwind.


Choose your mission, get locked in a room – deduce, search, solve puzzles, work on clues to get more clues, put pieces together and find a way out. We chose ‘The Hurt Locker’ – tasked with finding and defusing a bomb within an hour. Time just flew by – reminding us of exam times, when hours flew by and we always wanted more. The game is gripping and the game designers have taken all pains to make things as realistic as possible.


With a quick briefing of how the game goes and what-not-to-do inside, we (group of 3) were locked inside a dimly lit room, with practically nothing to do. After 5 minutes we realized that we were already into the game and started looking for clues. Being patient and holding your nerve is the key. Co-ordination in the group will take you a long way – as soon as we found a clue, we assigned it to one person and started looking for others. If you have spent time watching Sherlock Holmes and other spy operas, put together everything and use all logic to figure out what to do next. Clues lead to clues, which lead to a actionable item, or sometimes nothing.

Although we couldn’t finish the task in time and our ‘bomb’ exploded – yeah, there are those theatrics as well – our room filled with smoke and the speakers blared, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience – the efforts of the creators are laudable.

The games are highly popular with the kids, teens and adults alike. We saw kids, parents and grandparents coming to enjoy the games – a fun time with family. We hear that it is equally popular with corporate world as well  for team-building activities.
The experience cost varies with the games and the number of people. Advance booking is recommended. Walk-ins are accommodated based on availability, but it is a good idea to check with them before going.

They have setup shop at Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon (DLF Phase 2). Get all details about prices, bookings and the games from their site

P.S. The location is available on G-maps. Parking can be an issue, since this is in a residential area.

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