How to Style a Palazzo : The Fashion Guide

Palazzo, the latest love. The wide legged trousers had made us all fall in love with them. Mostly, because of the comfort. And next, is the style, of course. Although palazzo’s totally rocked 70’s, they never received much attention, until recently, everybody went gaga over them! Right from college-going divas to Miss Workaholics, palazzo pants are their heartthrobs! And now, let us talk about the styling tips, which will bring out every inch of fashionista that you are!

1. Crop it, babe!

Crop tops are love. And there is no denial of it! Be it those statement cropped tees, or those floral printed cropped ones, or those chic lace tops, they are totally cute. Cuter than Channing Tatum! (Er, maybe) And what’s a better way than wearing them with palazzo? So, team them up and own the look. You can go with floral prints and lace tops if you want to go for a feminine look and a cropped tee if you particularly have ‘Devil may care’ vibes that day!


2. Blazer + Wedges? Perfect!

The thing about palazzos is, they are so strikingly similar to pajamas when it comes to comfort, and somehow, we found a way to sneak them into the board meetings too! And, it’s so simple too. Just add a blazer and wedges, you’re good to go! But again, make sure the Palazzo is plain and there aren’t any prints on it otherwise, it will kill the whole thing!

3. Add a waist belt

Seems like your look is too boring or it looks like something is missing? We have a solution for that too! A waist belt. Along with spicing up the boring look, the belt can also sculpt your waist and make it look slimmer and legs taller! So where y’all waist belts at? Oh, got none? Ah, not a problem. There is a whole lot of collection of waist belts online! And being the enormous kind souls that we are, here are the myntra discounts for belts and accessories!

4. Where those stripes at?

Aye, get your inner zebra on! We’re talking about stripes. Stripes are always safe and win-win. Be it on denim, or on Palazzo. They are never out of class and style. Get your striped shirt on with the Palazzo and flaunt those long legs. If you have a striped crop top, even better! Add a necklace, preferably choker, and wooot wooot, fashionista alert!

striped topand palazzo

5. Colors, colors everywhere

Play with bright colors. They are so much fun and are eye-candy! And put on a top with a contrasting color; you don’t need anything else, your fashion statement does it all for you! You can go with monochrome too and the best part there is, it will create a jumpsuit look there!


6. Flowers and geometry

Floral prints are girly and cute. They make you look soft and warm. You can always opt for floral prints, no second thoughts. And if you are not much of a flowers person, we have graphic and geometrical prints. Get a printed tee and throw in a scarf, maybe a red lip and your look is complete!

7. Accessorize

Use the right accessories. Bring them heels in! Especially petite women, block heels are your best friends when you wear palazzos! Denim jackets and stoles are cool with palazzos too! You can put on a denim jacket on a tank top for a more relaxed look and put on a rainbow scarf when you go for total light colored clothes! Necklaces, specially chokers are in the trend so get them on that off shoulder top. And make sure you won’t go overboard with makeup part!


Ultimately, comfort is the boss and whatever you wear, be sure you’re comfortable in them and style yourself accordingly. Applies to makeup, accessories, and pretty-much-everything! Now go, hunt them palazzos!



Images source: Your fashion chic, Blog.hellobuddy, Chictopia, 105 West boutique (Pinterest), DHgate (pinterest)

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