TV Review: Samsung SUHD 65KS9000 HDR LED TV

Picking the right TV for you is never an easy choice. There are so many options and so many brands. I like Sony for its sound and Samsung because it has really chic looking TVs. However, they are not the only players in the market. Whether you should pick a larger TV from a less popular brand or a smaller TV from a big brand can be a taxing decision. Hopefully today my review of the Samsung SUHD 65KS9000 HDR LED TV will get you one step closer to making a good decision.

65KS9000 1

The Samsung 65 inch KS9000 SUHD TV is priced at Rs. 4,40,900. This is a curved TV with 3840×2160-pixel resolution.

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The Design 
It is extremely chic and stylish and when you lot at what a hot piece of appliance this is you will forget about how much you paid for it. This model is similar to the one Samsung came up with last year but I still like this one much better. A lot of people find the curve offensive. But let me tell you that it is a very gentle curve and if you are sitting at the right position you will not even realise that it is a curved TV.

It has a USB dongle port, a LAN cable port, a USB port and the power plug. In the box you get four HDMI ports, two USB ports and an output port for its OneConnect wire. It’s remote is much simpler but it solves the purpose.


The Specifications 
As mentioned before this TV has a 3840×2160-pixel resolution with HDR. It connects to the Internet by WiFi or by using a regular Ethernet cable as you would use on your home router.

The Software
With Smart Hub UI this TV is top notch. When you press the home tab, options come up in a horizontal strip at the base and that way a big part of the screen is free for you to view the image. The apps built in are Cric-O-Mania, Yupp TV, my favourite Netflix and YouTube.

The best part is that you can use Bluetooth to pair additional speakers or headphones to this TV. Also, you can mirror and cast from Android devices like you would do using an Apple TV.

Does it fare well with 4K, HDR & LIVE TV? 
It has 4K and HDR which is amazing and if you have 4k videos and HDR videos then buying this TV is a sensible idea but if you are planning on using it to watch LIVE TV using your set top box then skip this TV as India still doesn’t have proper HD channels yet and we don’t really know when we will get them so we can use such expensive TVs to the fullest.

The HDR clips I watched on this TV were mind-blowing. The colours were natural and lifelike. The 4K clips were astonishingly good. There was clarity, there was detail and the image was as sharp as it can get.

The Result 
The best TV money can buy. It is expensive but if you can afford it, go for it especially if you can find a way to lay your hands on real 4K and HDR videos and movies.

65KS9000 4

Price (MRP): Rs. 4,40,900


  • Chic, stylish and top of the line
  • Best TV for 4K & HDR
  • Netflix, YouTube and other built in apps


  • It’s Rs. 4,40,900
  • Last year’s model has a better remote
  • Hangs sometimes when you are access its Smart feature

Ratings: 4/5




Image Source: Samsung TV, Youtube.

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