New Menu at EEST – Westin, Gurgaon


Recently I spent a fabulous afternoon enjoying the new menu at Eest – Westin, Gurgaon. Although the menu has Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines, the new menu is specifically for their Chinese menu.


Before talking about the food, I love the ambience of Eest – the spacious yet cozy tables, the amount of room and light that is available here is just great. We were sitting on one of the many private dining rooms and overlooking the Westin property, it was a great spot to enjoy the delicious new menu.

Chef John, from Shanghai himself, is at the helm of the Chinese wing at Eest and is an absolute master of the subtleties of Cantonese cooking. Also, as he has worked in India for quite a while now (he was at Taipan, Oberoi before Eest), he does understand the Indian palette better too.


The first item was crispy spinach, one of the favorites of everyone on the table. Perfectly crisp and just made in some salt and sugar, it showcased Cantonese cooking beautifully.

Among the other Qian Cai’s (appetizers) were the salt and pepper vegetables and the sumptuous stir fried chicken in coriander and black bean. The chicken was nearer to the Chinese dish we are used to having with doses of soy sauce and dry chilies. Needless to say it was great.



The new menu really takes care of vegetarians and has an excellent bean dish called Gan bian si ji do. Essentially string beans cooked in black bean and chilies it is crunchy and flavorful – perfect.


Chef John has also incorporated pork in many of his dishes in the new menu – one of the best being the Ma pou dou fu – tofu in a pork mince sauce. Silky tofu in a delicious mince sauce it seems like simple flavor but as Chef explained has a lot of complexity in it.


Although desserts are not a part of the new menu but Chef John still gracefully sent two really special desserts. The egg tart, a staple of Cantonese desserts was like you get in Hong Kong – flaky, buttery and wonderful. The real surprise was an amazing chocolate dumpling that was the equivalent of a chocolate fondant inside a dim sum.


The new menu is worth trying as it builds on to the already extensive and fantastic menu at Eest , showcasing new flavors and Chef John’s food.


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