Day 1: #365FitDays – Getting Started with FitBit!

I tried it last year for almost 100 days and I was quite proud of myself. However, this time the goal is bigger and I want to be as fit as I possibly can be. I know it isn’t going to be easy. It required a strong will and a lot of determination but I’m up for it.


The Goal

Goal for Week 1. 7000 Steps every single day which I will achieve by walking in the evening. Hopefully FitBit Charge HR will help me achieve my goal. I also have a GOQii Band with a 3 months subscription. So, I’m going to alternate between the two and share my feedback with you.

What will I eat?

Heavy breakfast, simple lunch and my dinner will consist of sprouts and egg whites and if I get really hungry I’ll have some milk or tea.

So wish me luck!


Evening update: 7000 completed.




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