Can you eat healthy at Starbucks? #HealthStamp

Starbucks is filled with loads of delicious treats – whipped cream, desserts, hearty sandwiches, etc. It’s easy to think one may not be able to find anything healthy to eat at Starbucks. I am on my #365FitDays diet and I want to eat as healthily and intelligently as possible. So, when I went t Starbucks recently I asked them what healthy options did they have for me.

They brought me some really fresh looking salad with grapes in it. I loved it. I poured just a drizzle of the dressing over it in order to avoid adding more empty calories.

The salad went well with a skinny latte that smelt divine.

For dessert I had some freshly cut up fruit. I was pleased with the mix I got. The price was fine too.

Would I came back for more healthy food? Maybe if they got more variety!

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