Are you a Nagold Supermom?

I’m a food blogger and I love cooking. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with family members who love cooking too. Especially my mum. She is an excellent cook and anything I know about cooking is all thanks to her. She is a supermom in every way. She raised two fearless daughters who are not afraid to follow their dreams. She has always encouraged and supported us. Even when we went to her after our medical entrance exam results and told her we would rather be bloggers, she agreed to it in a blink.

She was discouraged by relatives who asked her to push us to be doctors but she never pushed us. She always let us speak our minds and make our decisions. The best part is that being a blogger isn’t an easy task and whenever we failed, she helped us get up and supported us to do better. My mom writes for my blog, she covers events with me and she helps me shop for a new appliances or gadgets whenever it’s launched in the market. She knows how much of an appliance and gadget freak I am and she takes a lot of joy in understanding modern technology.

Every mother is different. Every mother supports her children in different ways. When I saw the Nagold TVC video I realised how much my mom has done for me.

You have to watch this video to see how Nagold’s built-in appliances can help you go through your day smoothly and tirelessly.

It isn’t just these day to day chores that count though. If you look back to see what your mom has been doing for you, you will realise that in every way she has been a multitasking supermom. I’m impressed to see Hafele’s Nagold range of built-In home appliances in this video. These appliance are futuristic, smart, chic, modern and extremely intuitive. When I showed my mom this video she was extremely impressed by how stylish these appliances look and how she knew they would save her a lot of time. She even said, “I wish my birthday would be this month so your dad could re-do my kitchen!” We laughed about it!

She watched the video twice and understood and compared how these new appliances – the oven, the microwave, the hob, the chimney, the cooker hood, the dishwashers, the deep fryer, the BBQ grill and the washer & dryer are so much better than the ones she has now. Our dryer never dries 100% and that certainly won her over especially because winters are coming and she hates the smelly clothes when they haven’t dried properly. These state of the art appliances will make being a mother a super fulfilling experience.

And that’s not all, there’s more good news! Nagold also has ‘The Supermom Super Time’, month long celebration & contest for all Supermoms like your mother and mine. All you have to do is take part in this celebration and win exciting prizes. Let’s hear it for all the Supermoms out there – WOOT WOOT!



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